Kamala Harris goes abroad to distribute American taxpayer money

This weekend marks a first for Vice President Kamala Harris, as she’s set to take her first foreign trip, which will involve stops in Guatemala and Mexico, beginning on Sunday.

According to the Washington Times, the vice president’s primary mission is to speak with leaders of both countries on topics mostly revolving around the migration crisis. She’ll also be bearing gifts, especially for Guatemala, as she’s bringing the promise of some $4 billion in American funds to help address what the administration calls the “root causes” of why people are fleeing the country in droves. 

Instead of visiting the southern U.S. border and getting a handle on what’s happening on the ground as far as the illegal immigration surge is concerned, President Joe Biden’s administration apparently believes that sending the vice president to Central America will billions of dollars will help tackle the issue.

On paper, the idea sounds plausible, as a fresh influx of cash could boost local economies, providing new opportunities for residents which, in theory, could encourage them to stay in their home country instead of risking everything for a chance at freedom in the United States.

Just ask Camille Le Coz, policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, who pointed to a recent example of the European Union’s attempt to do the same thing in roughly a dozen African countries in order to quell the migration surge.

While boosting the economies of the countries where people were fleeing from seemed to work at first, it backfired in tremendous fashion, as the new source of jobs and income in those countries only provided migrants a faster route to saving the money it takes to flee the country.

“The relationship between job creation and employment and migration is very complicated,” Le Coz said. “This can really backfire.”

As proven with Harris’ scheduled trip, the Biden administration is making a strong push to paint a narrative that the immigration crisis — which conveniently spiked as Biden took over the White House — is not due to its relaxed border enforcement protocols and reversal of his predecessor’s policies, which happened to work quite well.

Former President Donald Trump proved with his aggressive immigration policies that the only way to stem the influx of illegal immigrants is to close down the borders through the use of executive orders, a border wall, and the clear threat of deportation and legal consequences should they be apprehended. That’s what works.