Kamala Harris flails in response to question about inflation during CBS interview

With her standing among the electorate already in tatters, things just continue to get worse for Vice President Kamala Harris, a fact which was evidenced during a recent interview with CBS’ Margaret Brennan in which she proved unable to provide a cogent response to a question about inflation, as Fox News reports.

The host of Face the Nation asked for Harris’ thoughts on what the administration might do to help ease the inflationary pressure faced by everyday Americans, and the result was nothing short of awkward.

Referencing prior White House assurances that rising prices were merely temporary blips on the radar that would not pose a long-term challenge, Brennan inquired of the vice president, “Was it wrong to consider inflation transitory? These price spikes seem like they’re going to be with us for a while.”

Harris immediately began to flounder, non-responsively declaring, “We have to address the fact that we have got to deal with the fact that folks are paying for gas, paying for groceries, and are – need solutions to it. So let’s talk about that.”

Attempting to point to something – anything – the administration has done to ease the growing problem, Harris continued, “Short-term solution includes what we need to do around the supply chain, right?” So we went to the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Savannah, Georgia, and said, ‘Hey guys, no more five says a week, eight hours a day; 24/7, lets move the products because people need their product – they need what they need.’”

From there, Harris instantaneously shifted gears to say, “And that’s about what we need to do to pass Build Back Better. It strengthens our economy,” referencing President Joe Biden’s massive social spending legislation, though she did not offer specifics about its potential impact on inflation. WATCH:

As Republican communications veteran Matt Whitlock pointed out, the cringeworthy exchange lends credence to recent complaints from disgruntled Harris staffers that the vice president is habitually unwilling to do her homework and delve deeply into the issues over which she is supposed to possess detailed command, with one former colleague telling the Washington Post, “It’s clear that you’re not working with someone who is willing to do the prep and the work.”

One-time Harris admirer Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal recently advised the vice president to start getting serious about her role, particularly given her position as presumptive heir apparent to increasingly frail President Joe Biden, but, to the delight of countless conservatives, that ship may have long since sailed.