Kamala Harris facing surprising new level of mainstream media scrutiny

One year after being catapulted into office in large part by sycophantic journalists unwilling to ask her a tough question, Vice President Kamala Harris is now facing a somewhat surprising deluge of scrutiny in press reports and growing questions about her ability to fulfill the duties of her role.

Just days ago, the BBC delved deeply into the vice president’s worsening woes in an exhaustive report headlined “Kamala Harris one year: Where did it go wrong for her,” which is an especially damning — and unexpected — statement about the number-two figure in an administration with so much time left on the clock.

The outlet chronicled the numerous struggles Harris has faced since inauguration day and the plummeting approval numbers that have called into question her status as the Democratic Party’s presumptive heir apparent to the presidency.

Probing further into the key areas in which Harris has fallen particularly short, the BBC piece explored her seeming disinterest in the migrant crisis at the country’s southern border, preferring instead to pivot vaguely to the so-called “root causes” of the unprecedented flow from Central American nations, an ongoing reluctance that recently prompted Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX) to declare that “it doesn’t look like she’s very interested in this, so we are going to move on to other folks that work on this issue.”

The vice president also received the high-profile assignment of tackling election reform and voting rights, with major proposals championed by her party recently falling to defeat in the Senate, a turn of events that only seems to underscore the lackluster nature of her performance thus far, according to the BBC piece.

Criticism of this sort is just the latest in a surprising change of tone among mainstream media outlets in terms of their coverage of Harris, and it comes on the heels of a November CNN exposé in which the left-leaning outlet reported in detail on the sense of “entrenched dysfunction and lack of focus” that surrounds her office, with many aides having “largely thrown up their hands” in defeat.

Without national and international media running quite as much interference for Harris as they have in the past, she has seemingly made things even worse for herself of late by engaging in a series of truly cringeworthy television interviews that served to reveal not only her lack of depth, but also an unappealingly defiant tone when seriously questioned.

Though her mounting tally of missteps has reportedly led some among the liberal elite to break into an “open panic” about the Democratic Party’s electoral future if Harris remains one of its highest-profile figures, President Joe Biden last week made it clear that if he runs for the White House again in the next cycle, he fully intends to keep her on the ticket.

While is not entirely clear what has prompted this shift – however slight or temporary it may be – away from willfully blind puff pieces toward clear-eyed coverage of the flailing vice president, fair reporting on the disastrous policies of this administration can only bode well for Republican prospects this November and all the way to 2024.