Kamala Harris exchanges masked kiss with husband at ‘surprise’ birthday party

The Biden administration shows no sign of letting up when it comes to imposing onerous COVID-19 mitigation protocols on the country, and an apparent consequence of that stance is the sort of bizarre display seen on Wednesday when Vice President Kamala Harris was seen greeting her husband with a kiss – despite the fact that both were masked, as the Daily Mail reports.

This latest episode of embarrassing hygiene theater took place at a surprise 57th birthday party held for the vice president during which she exclaimed, “surprise” upon entering the packed room, while nobody else among the clapping guests seemed to do the same.

Soon after that, Harris made her way to where her husband, Doug Emhoff, was standing to offer her a bouquet of flowers, and the duo engaged in a kiss while sporting similar black face masks all the while.

A large room filled with masked staffers erupted in a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” and the entire affair had all the hallmarks of an appropriately cautious, COVID-conscious gathering of the sort the administration and those at its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) routinely recommend – perhaps without the social distancing.

Wednesday’s odd scene was not the first time the Harris—Emhoff couple have exhibited this curious behavior, as back in May, the two were seen smooching outdoors on an airport tarmac – both masked – despite the fact that both had already received their full course of coronavirus vaccinations, as the New York Post reported.

At the time, the incident elicited all sorts of incredulous responses on social media, with one Twitter user named Nicole Dempsey posting the query, “Did she seriously kiss her husband with their masks on?”

Another online critic seemed to share Dempsey’s sense of disbelief, noting, “Both vaccinated and they kiss with masks ON. We live in a clown world, folks.”

While to most level-headed observers, kissing a spouse through double face masks represents the very height of absurdity, but for high-profile members of the Biden administration – some of whom just recommended that schoolchildren remain masked indefinitely even after they are eligible for vaccination – that is an instinct that has sadly carried the day for far too long.