Kamala Harris emits signature cackle when asked about Afghanistan fiasco

Vice President Kamala Harris is already one of the most unpopular and overwhelmingly unlikeable vice presidents in modern U.S. history, which was evidenced once again this week when she was asked about her administration’s Afghanistan fiasco.

According to the New York Post, as Harris departed from her plane on her trip to Southeast Asia, she was immediately bombarded by reporters wanting to get her latest take on President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan blunder. Harris reacted as she typically does when asked hard questions — she let out a hearty cackle before providing bland and vague answers.

The video of Harris laughing as she approaches the reporters — while thousands of Americans are literally stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan under Taliban rule — quickly went viral across all social media platforms.

As reporters yelled out questions, Harris quickly cut them off by saying, “Hold on, hold on — slow down, everybody!” before emitting her cringe-worthy, signature cackle.

The vice president was widely panned on social media for her inappropriate reaction to serious questions about her administration’s gross mishandling of the U.S. troop pullout in Afghanistan that resulted in a total takeover of the country by Taliban terrorists.

“This is like a Saturday Night Live skit – except it’s real and she’s not acting. Nothing to laugh at………” one Twitter user wrote.

“Kamala Harris says that the administration couldn’t have a higher priority than Afghanistan… Is that why she’s in Vietnam on a foreign trip and Joe Biden has been on vacation half the time?” another Twitter user asked.

As ISIS and Al Qaeda threats emerge in the final days before the Taliban-issued Aug. 31 deadline to remove all American and Afghan allies from the country, there’s no telling just how bad Biden’s foreign policy debacle will get before it’s all over.