Kamala Harris delivers bizarre Rose Garden speech

Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been almost as absent from the limelight as her boss, President Joe Biden, wanted Americans to know that upon the passing of the latest COVID-19 relief bill, that “help has arrived.”

The vice president delivered a cringe-worthy performance at the White House Rose Garden on Friday, acting as if she’d single-handedly saved the country with the pork-riddled, $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan” that offers struggling Americans a measly $1,400 check and guaranteed decades of economy-crippling national debt. 

In what was widely touted as a “victory lap,” the president and vice president did their best to sell the plan to the American public, but the victory speech was heavily panned on social media with critics pointing out that it proves just how grossly out of touch Harris and Biden truly are.

As Red State pointed out, the widespread American struggle is largely due to extended, harsh, and oftentimes unnecessary lockdowns across the country during the duration of the pandemic which resulted in the closure of thousands of small businesses — a move that rapidly left Americans without jobs and money.

It’s not a stretch to presume that most people who are struggling probably aren’t breathing sighs of relief knowing that they’ll soon receive a $1,400 check from the government, as that paltry amount of money is barely enough to pay rent/mortgage and an electric bill, let alone allow them to catch up on any other mounting debt.

“This law is not the end of our efforts. I view it as only the beginning,” Biden said during his portion of the announcement. “To every American watching: help is here and we will not stop working for you.”

As the New York Post reported, not a single Republican was in attendance for Biden and Harris’ ceremony, which signaled yet another broken promise by the new president to heal the political divide in America, as many pundits pointed out that there’s virtually nothing bipartisan about the bill, whatsoever.

Adding to the criticism of the new administration by Republicans and concerned Americans is the fact that Biden has gone over 50 days without holding his first, solo press conference with the media. With the growing number of issues facing this nation, Americans deserve to hear an unscripted, unrehearsed response from their president.

Only time will tell if Biden and Harris are actually able to effect meaningful change in America, but so far, they’re proving that they’re most interested in getting back to “business as usual” in Washington D.C.

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    1. Padding their pockets is what they do. It stinks the whole thing stinks. Crooked as a dogs hind leg.

    2. Kamal-WO is historically and Legally an ANCHOR BABY and has NO LEGAL RIGHT to be our Vice President according to our U.S. Constitution!!! Her parents were Illegal immigrants (NONE American Citizens) when she was born on USA Soil !!!!! Typical DemocRAT nasty trick pulled on the American Citizens!!!!

    3. yes sir, but what will happen with the trillion that was left over from Trump??, they don’t talk about that, just the 1.9, which only 9% is for covid, the rest, PORK for their blue states

  1. This so called covid relief bill is a joke just like most bills that come out of Washington, it is so loaded with pork it is not funny. The Biden administration is not out to help the American people they are only in it for them selves. Biden has done nothing to help unite the country but he is doing a great job of tearing it apart

    1. I say feed all the pork to all the illegals and if they don’t like it.tuff let them all starve.if they want to be in this country they can learn to eat pork like all the rest.but knowing our egg sucking retarded government full of demorats and illegals.they all will be getting special treatment.and the tax payers will be paying for it.

  2. Don’t let their “feel good” rhetoric fool ya. They need the PE0PLE under water and 0wing them. It’s how they stay in p0wer. Every [email protected] re-gime works in similar ways – hamstring, dumb down, and cancel the c0mmoners in anyway possible. It’s worked this way since time immortal. Do some research and see what life was like for the c0mmoners under these re-gimes.

  3. Those two at the top are illegal occupiers. The ballots were stolen or shredded. Those who are illegal don’t deserve any respect.

  4. Well I guess my kids and grandkids will have to pay for this bill just so Corrupt Democrat States will get money for wasteful spending.

  5. WELL we have to give DEMENTIA JOE credit for having a good teacher HUSSEIN OBAMA taught him well in the ways to divide a country turn the people against each other and allow thousands of ILLEGALS into the country to take over while the people are pre occupied with fighting with each other over nonsense. KUDOS to BIDEN he is doing his part to destroy the country and the freedoms we all once enjoyed.!

  6. OLD MATRESS-BACK has made a career of falling on her back and coming up with a savior,THIS TIME it ain’t gonna happen. nobody wants a old leftover communist fence riding democrat.REAL AMERICANS[the working models] want jobs, homes.schools,churches,theaters, restaurants , business’s ALL OPEN LIKE THEY WERE WHEN TRUMP WAS PRESIDENT…..


  8. Yeah! 1,400.00 to spend on ? Bills created by the Government Shut Down!!!!!! Then? What ?ooh! Now her going to pay
    Tons more in taxes,an our kids will be paying for this all there lives in unbearable taxes,an there children will be paying
    Taxes to pay this crap off! So,just wondering ? Do you really want or need money from the Government?
    What I think we need is to get back to work,pay your own bills, get rid of the pork laiden leadership we have!
    Put new leadership in! Get back to business!

    1. night hawk. I’m with ya. but one thing that’s missing is the fact this is government money. It’s our money from taxes we pay. they like to think their giving people a gift when it fact their the ones getting the gifts. their POS

  9. What happens when this stimulus money is gone? More stimulus checks? When is it going to end? When the country is bankrupt? If everything opened back up and people were put back to work, we probably wouldn’t need another stimulus check. Every job lost is a loss in revenue for the government. Every job gained is a gain in revenue. If this country is to survive, people have got to go back to work. Those politicians who are only interested in spending our money that we have in office need to go. Cut Congresses wages until the only people interested in the job are people that want to help the American people, not make themselves rich. Right now, almost every politician in Congress is a millionaire when they leave office, and most of them only want the job for the money. I hope this will change, but I doubt if it will.

  10. The DS is raping our country of all our treasure and morals. They are giving our money to all the poor countries of the world. How are they able to do this and get away with it???? After they strip us of our resources they probably sell off America to other countries. Already 140,000 acres by Lackland Air Force was purchased by China. Also, when Obama was Pres. the bases he closed were to be able to hold the immigrants. These buses at the border are spreading them all over the U.S.

  11. This is like watching in the Mummy and Mrs. Muir either one doesn’t know where the other one is I thought we had good people and I didn’t know that we were just dealing with vegetables
    You just can’t make this stuff up

  12. Whoa they really believe they are wonderful. Kiss my white back side. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why they think we are all stupid. Call your representative of your state and demand they do their job. The H.R. 1 is a real threat to all of us. Call your representative and tell them to stop this one.

  13. IF and that is a big IF, he ever does do a press conference first search his ears for a microphone that someone can continue telling him what to say and no teleprompter for him and harris and the wife not beside him to pick up the slack. And I thought I had given up fairy tales when my children did not need them read to them anymore….

  14. In all honesty I was hoping that this bill would go down in flames. Especially since it had over $100+ millions of our money going to a subway for Pelosi’s district. Guess she needs some place for all the homeless to sleep.

  15. It;s a sin to all Americans what those dem clowns are doing we need to end this soon…….They are Illegal to begin with and evil to boot….fauci is stupid, a dr….Really??? he doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground…I was being kind.

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