Kamala Harris delivers awkward speech about solar panels to Naval Academy grads

Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t exactly known for delivering impressive, inspirational speeches, which was once again proven this week as she made one of her most cringe-worthy speeches on record.

According to the New York Post, Harris gave a commencement speech to graduation Naval Academy midshipmen on Friday in which she performed what felt to many like a poorly-produced “As seen on TV” infomercial in which she pitched the idea that troops would soon be carrying a “rolled-up solar panel” into the field instead of heavy batteries. 

“Just ask any Marine today: Would she rather carry 20 pounds of batteries or a rolled-up solar panel?” Harris said, sliding in a bit of wokeness by mentioning female Marines instead of males, even though the graduating class was made up of 778 men and 306 women.

“And I am positive, she will tell you a solar panel. And so would he!” Kamala added while inserting her nails-on-a-chalkboard signature cackle as if she’d just performed the best stand-up gig of her comedic career.

What Harris failed to mention is the fact that solar panels aren’t exactly ideal yet for modern life, let alone for military applications, as overcast weather and darkness tend to render the sun-dependent power supply virtually useless. It wouldn’t be a stretch to presume that military commanders would likely prefer a power source that works regardless of weather or time of day, even if it’s a little heavier.

Not surprisingly, Harris also dialed in on the “threat” of climate change as she spoke to the graduating class at the prestigious, Annapolis, Maryland military academy.

“There is climate change, which is a very real threat to our national security,” Harris said, somehow with a straight face.

“And I look at you and I know you are among the experts who will navigate and mitigate this threat. You are ocean engineers who will help you navigate ships through thinning ice. You are mechanical engineers who will help reinforce sinking bases. You are electrical engineers who will soon help convert solar and wind energy into power, convert solar and wind energy into combat power.”

One can only imagine the number of rolled eyes in the audience throughout the course of her awkward attempt at delivering a final send-off to the graduating Marines and sailors.