Kamala Harris confesses to using COVID-19 relief to push welfare state expansion

Far from a tired cliché, there really does seem to be no end to the Democrats’ devotion to the concept of never letting a crisis go to waste, a fact recently made clear by comments from the nation’s second in command.

As Fox News reports, Vice President Kamala Harris admitted on Friday that a key motivation behind the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package recently signed into law was to facilitate the introduction of new social welfare policies, particularly relating to children.

Among the features of the bill designed to achieve such ends is its provision increasing the Child Tax Credit by upwards of $1600 for some parents while also expanding the numbers of Americans eligible to receive those funds, and in that regard, Harris stated:

This was the intentional purpose of the American Rescue Plan, which was to look at child care, to look at our child care workers, to look at our children, to bring them out of poverty. And to do what has long been overlooked, which is to understand that our children — we cannot in public policy subordinate them, as you know, is because I guess they’re little people, little problems.

Harris’ candor on the topic seems to validate reporting from the Washington Post earlier in March which revealed that during negotiations for the relief bill, Democrats injected a last-minute push to incorporate measures to battle child poverty, something the paper characterized as a “sudden, unexpected” new social program with a price tag exceeding $120 billion.

All of this undergirds the broader criticisms made by Republicans during debate on coronavirus relief that the bulk of the spending bill authorizes has little to do with the pandemic and is, as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declared, “a payoff to [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s political friends,” as Fox News further noted.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner has also taken note of Democrats’ efforts to seize upon crisis conditions to further President Joe Biden’s self-declared wish to “change the paradigm” and achieve sweeping social welfare goals that include the implementation of universal pre-K, free community college, and other such programs, writing:

What is really going on is that many Democrats are hoping to use Biden’s presidency to “jam” into law a variety of Democratic agenda items old and new.

According to Politico, Democrats are betting that many of the provisions implemented under the guise of temporary COVID-19 aid become so popular among the citizenry that Republicans will find it political impossible to eliminate them in the future, making an expansion of the welfare state permanent in nature.

With the Biden administration set this week to begin introduction of a massive infrastructure bill set to cost at least $3 trillion, Republicans are sonding the alarm not just about growing the deficit, but also about Democrats’ desire to create ever-larger entitlement programs that fail to address the underlying problems that led to some Americans’ need for assistance in the first place.

Now that Biden reportedly fashions hismself as the modern incarnation of F.D.R., complete with New Deal-size spending, it is incumbent on Republicans to do all they can to fight the Democrats’ desire to fundamentally transform the country.