Kamala Harris boasts of Dems’ ‘great wins’ in traditional party strongholds

In an attempt to perhaps distract from the foreboding signs for Democrats found the GOP’s stunning Virginia gubernatorial victory, Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday tried to make lemons out of lemonade by trumpeting a pair of her party’s wins in races they stood little chance of losing, as Fox News reports.

In the wake of Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win last week over veteran Democrat operative Terry McAuliffe in the Old Dominion, Harris did her best to put a positive spin on things, noting, “I will say this: We had great wins.”

Specifically, the vice president declared, “We have Eric Adams in New York. In Ohio, we had Mrs. Brown, Shontel Brown, a great win and what I think will be a great addition to the United States Congress,” seeming to ignore the GOP elephant in the room.

Adams’ win in the Big Apple, however, is not a terribly impressive or surprising achievement, however, considering that the candidate prevailed in a locality where registered members of his party outstrip Republicans by a margin of approximately 7-1, as Fox News further noted.

Similarly, the victory notched by Brown came in a congressional district historically dominated by her party and one in which President Joe Biden garnered roughly 80% support in last year’s election.

It is not surprising that Harris was eager to change the subject from the Republican sweep of the Virginia races for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, given remarks she made just days prior about the predictive value of those outcomes for the congressional midterms next fall and perhaps even the 2024 battle for the White House.

“What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on…Tuesday is a critical day that will determine whether we either turn back the clock or move it forward,” Harris said at a rally for McAuliffe in Norfolk last Friday, according to the New York Post.

With that in mind, Harris and other top Democrats were surely jarred by the fact that Youngkin, lieutenant governor hopeful Winsome Sears, and attorney general candidate Jason Miyares ran the table on Election Night, despite the fact that no Republican had captured a statewide office in Virginia for over a decade, and Biden topped former President Donald Trump in 2020 by 10 points.

Though Harris’ political instincts and abilities have proven virtually nonexistent ever since she and Biden took the reins in January, this is one of those rare occasions when conservatives everywhere are hoping and praying her predictions are right.