Kamala Harris attends the inauguration of anti-Semitic Honduran leader on Holocaust remembrance day

Vice President Kamala Harris hs come under fire for her attendance at the inauguration of anti-Semitic Honduras leader on Holocaust Memorial Day

According to The Daily Mail the Vice President attended the inauguration on Thursday for socialist Honduran President Xiomara Castro.

Harris was in Honduras as part of her campaign to cope with the root causes of migration from South and Central America to the United States through the southern border.

Frustration with the foreign leader has stemmed partially from individuals in Castro’s inner circle who have reportedly made problematically negative comments about Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Additionally, Castro’s husband, Manuel Zelaya is himself an ex-resident and has claimed that ‘Israeli mercenaries’ were torturing him with high-frequency radiation.

Harris did, however tweet a tribute to the six million Jews who were slaughtered at the hands of Nazis during the holocaust.

She wrote: ‘Today, we honor the six million Jews and other victims murdered by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. We must teach our children the truth about the atrocities of the Holocaust, so that together we give meaning to that timeless pledge: never again’.


In addition to other negative comments from those around the newly minted leader, Castro’s running mate, Salvador Nasralla, is quoted to have said Jews control the global money supply

Nasralla’s wife Iroshka Elvir previously had to apologize to Jewish organizations for praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during her husband’s 2017 campaign.