Kamala Harris announces gun control push

The one thing to remember when a politician announces “common-sense” anything, is that their proposal will be anything but.

That’s why Kamala Harris’s exploitation of the Sandy Hook shooting’s anniversary is so sinister – she’s taking advantage of the tragedy to lie to the American people about the violation of their second amendment rights being planned by the Biden administration.

Harris tweeted:

Am I the only one disgusted by the constant politicization of the victims of mass shooting crimes? It seems that leftist politicians can’t even finish a single sentence honoring the fallen without also pitching their gun control schemes.

Then there’s the matter of what exactly Kamala plans to do to prevent such crimes. As one Twitter user put it:

I would guess that Kamala doesn’t have an answer for that, but she’s 100% dedicated to taking away guns from law-abiding citizens. The only possible outcome of such legislation will be more mass shootings, not less.

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    1. Yep, and its NOT about Sandy Hook! Its wanting to take complete control OVER US ALL! Take OUR guns, defund the police? WE ARE NOT CRAZY! YOU rats are if you THINK you can take complete control of OUR COUNTRY! You are NOT a CITIZEN of OUR country! Your dad said so and you are not fit to TRY and lead us!

          1. Amen shall not be infringed upon. But these lying libturds think they are above the law. All I can say is come take my daisy red-ryder if you are bold enough.

          2. Agree. Americans cannot sit by and pretend these marxists aren’t going to do what they say they want to do.

      1. You hit it on the nail.Muslims want to take over as well as communist China go to epoch news we need to be right with father god repent of sins turn from them believe in what Jesus did for us on the cross. John 3:16 god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son to die on the cross final sacrificial lamb whoever believes in him will be saved and have everlasting life . Will be without evil perfect people who lost body parts ,babies murdered or miscarried alive and happy they will be children as no babies in heaven. No one older than 33 the age jesus died on the cross and rose again 3 days later. Jesus takes church home anti christ comes on board search Emmanuel macron anti christ. Holy bible god’s word unfolding soon ends armeggedon. Then 1000 year reign of Christ one last time satan released on those that survived armeggedon very few then book done . Then forever free of evil. Dr. David Jeremiah book on heaven or billy graham’s book on heaven then new earth this one burned up changed, new heaven new jerusalem we cannot fathom the beauty of it.

  1. any change in the bill of rights would destroy the constitution. It was the price Americans required for them to ratify the constitution.

  2. She is, in fact, THAT stupid that she would think we’ll stand for such nonsense.
    Unlike being able to drive a car, which is a privilege and can be revoked, owning a gun is a RIGHT that can’t be taken away.

  3. It’s way to easy for them to be Hippocrates, oh I’m sorry Demorats! The country is in for a very ruff 4 years, the dead true, she screwed here way to the top and he cheated his way , so do you think for one minute they will be on the side of the law and or the constitution, we need to pay great attention, nothing good about politics anymore, get ready to stand for America!

    1. And to shame us all, a crook/criminal and a hoe ruining OUR COUNTRY! The rats need that retraining or what ever its called! I’ll stop short of saying they are ALL wacko! Bad apples in both parties!

  4. Let them try. With over 20 years fighting for our constitution I’ll be damned if I will let them take mine. Going to get more ammo shortly. Made just need it. I will defend what is mine and will use deadly force if needed. Enough said.

  5. She’s out of her mind if we will give up our unalienable rights given by God himself to hunt and protect ourselves. The criminals will take advantage of that for sure. One of the only reasons nobody will attack us is because we are so well armed from foreign or domestic enemies. That would be a big mistake. We the People say no way.

    1. WE DID NOT VOTE FOR HER! Have you been blind to all the FRAUD! This was all set up, to be run by some evil filthy rich to get someone like her in! They will pull all their BS and really ruin this country! Watch! CA being run to the ground was just a sample starter! AND the LOCK DOWNS and masks?????????

      1. Meanwhile in Orange Co, CA the ludicrous Dems want to let half (50%) of their inmates out to commit more rapes, child molesters, etc out of jail.

        NEVER allowed these same US CONST UN-Americans, who don’t want us to be able to protect ourselves from these criminals.

        Pay attention voters and vote these anti-Americans out of power in two years. Or recall them ASAP.

  6. So Joe remind me again how exactly it is that you are going to be a “President for all people”?

    1. Biden’s not. Just another of his lies he’s been telling. Untrustworthy, dem. He likes bragging about how he’s the most ‘progressive’ the Dems have. His handlers are running his anti-American agenda. He’s no progressive, his cabinet choices are proving that nonsense. All Obama’s people or other globalists who want to destroy our national sovereignty ASAP. Sell America out to his One World Order elites.

  7. Another non person that has risen in the ranks by unsavory means. Kamala will never by MY President.
    She is scum like all her other California friends.

  8. Harris has been bad news for the Constitution ever since she got into congress. She is all about power, and only about power. She doesn’t give a whit about the kids, but she loves the idea of exercising control over you. She never explains how she will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who are the ones using guns improperly and illegally. What will she do when the criminals resort to weapons other than guns?

  9. I’ll bet she has her gun though ….. everyone get your clips and millions of rounds now …. anyone ask your guns sunk in a boat accident

  10. Hello all my Comrades,
    I agree 100% with everyones comments. Yes, this Election was stolen and we all know that.
    Our Commander in Chief fought very hard to make America Great Again for us. He made promises to all American Citizens and he did keep his promises and made many outstanding changes for everyone of us. Even while falsely being accused by those Democratic swamp creatures with a false narrative about Russian collusion.
    Which after there own Investigators Muller and his cronies and a wasted taxed payer monies on a fake investigation. Nothing was found because it was all a lie.
    From day one, our Commander in Chief was targeted they wanted to remove a duly elected President from office.
    All this was started by Obama , Biden and everyone in his administration FBI,DOJ,NSA,IRS and many others involved should all be held accountable and charged with treason against a sitting President.
    Now, we must all unite and help out our President in whatever he needs.
    We can’t allow, Sleepy Joe or Harris to even think about being sworn in on January 20, 2021.
    Remember, they even went after members of his Administration and even had some put in prison.
    And if those two idiots get in we’re all screwed.
    Open borders, free welfare , defund Police, rid of Federal Border agents and ICE agents.
    What they need to change is charged and arrest everyone involved these last four years against our President and his family.
    IF we all stay United we can help overturn this stolen Election and put the real winner in the White House for another four years.
    Our President worked very hard to prove that he is the best and smartest leader our Country has ever had.
    This man has proven himself to work hard for all Americans so we can continued to live free and happy.
    He is a true man of his word.
    God Bless America, God Bless Donald J. Trump 2020.
    So let’s all help him out now.

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