Kamala Harris announces gun control push

The one thing to remember when a politician announces “common-sense” anything, is that their proposal will be anything but.

That’s why Kamala Harris’s exploitation of the Sandy Hook shooting’s anniversary is so sinister – she’s taking advantage of the tragedy to lie to the American people about the violation of their second amendment rights being planned by the Biden administration.

Harris tweeted:

Am I the only one disgusted by the constant politicization of the victims of mass shooting crimes? It seems that leftist politicians can’t even finish a single sentence honoring the fallen without also pitching their gun control schemes.

Then there’s the matter of what exactly Kamala plans to do to prevent such crimes. As one Twitter user put it:

I would guess that Kamala doesn’t have an answer for that, but she’s 100% dedicated to taking away guns from law-abiding citizens. The only possible outcome of such legislation will be more mass shootings, not less.