Kamala Harris ally Marilyn Mosby is the target of a grand jury investigation

Marilyn Mosby, the progressive state’s attorney for the city of Baltimore, Maryland, made headlines this week after it was announced by authorities that she and her husband, Nick Mosby, are currently the target of a federal grand jury investigation with multiple subpoenas issued.

According to Fox News, one of Mosby’s highest-profile supporters, Vice President Kamala Harris, remained silent on the ongoing investigation. Harris, on multiple occasions, helped boost Mosby into her position as the youngest state’s attorney for a major U.S. city, once saying “She cannot fail and I know she will not fail.”

The crux of the federal grand jury subpoenas seemingly revolve around potential money and tax issues, as one of the subpoenas was issued to Union Baptist Church which sought to clarify how much, if any, the Mosbys donated. Robert Fulton Dashiell, an attorney for the church, confirmed that they’d donated less than $200.

According to Fox Baltimore, information from additional subpoenas indicates that the Mosbys are seemingly under investigation for campaign finance issues and other personal business matters.

An attorney for the couple released a fiery statement following news of the investigation, writing it off as nothing more than a “political witch hunt” given that the Mosbys are “progressive change agents.”

“On behalf of Nick and Marilyn Mosby, my clients are progressive change agents, making them unfair targets of unnecessary scrutiny by federal investigators. Nevertheless, I can assure you and the people of Baltimore, they have done nothing illegal, inappropriate or unlawful. This is a political witch hunt in its purest form, and both of them will vigorously, and fully defend themselves,” the attorney said.

Then-senator Kamala Harris, alongside Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), held a joint fundraising event for Mosby in 2017, issuing statements of high praise and defending Mosby’s controversial past.

“There are a lot of people who are highly critical of her because she heard the voices of the people and said, ‘Even if I can’t win I’m going to do the right thing,'” Harris said at the time. “It’s going to be rough. It’s going to be tough. … She cannot fail and I know she will not fail.”

Only time will tell if Harris breaks her silence on the news of the bombshell investigation into Mosby, but it wouldn’t be advisable for one to hold their breath in anticipation of that ever happening.