Kamala decides to blame Biden for her struggles

Vice President Kamala Harris has had a difficult few weeks, facing blistering criticism over her handling of the border crisis, rumors of serious discord within her office, and general accusations of political tone-deafness, and on Friday, she attempted to claim that her only issue is that she has a hard time saying no to President Joe Biden, as the New York Post noted.

During an interview on BET with journalist Soledad O’Brien, Harris was questioned about all of the policy initiatives to which she has been assigned and in which her leadership skills have been the subject of some skepticism.

“Immigration, increasing broadband access, black maternal mortality, racial inequality, women in the workforce, infrastructure. We just talked about voting rights. That seems like a lot for one person,” observed O’Brien, according to the Daily Mail. “Can one person do all that realistically?” she asked of Harris.

The vice president responded by saying in a jocular manner, “Yeah, maybe I don’t say ‘no’ enough. But I do believe that these things are achievable. It’s just a lot of hard work, but that’s why we’re here and that’s what people wanted. Right?”

Indeed, many observers have expressed doubts about Harris’ ability to handle just one of these major assignments, let alone several, with her recent border blunders taking center stage. Tapped in March to serve as Biden’s point person for the migrant crisis, the vice president engaged in stubborn refusals to visit the crisis zone and attempted to re-frame her charge as one related to tackling the “root causes” of mass migration.

Even when she finally acquiesced to demands that she travel south to see things for herself, she visited a Border Patrol station on El Paso, hundreds of miles away from the areas most devastated by the record-setting influx of arrivals seen since Biden took office, a move blasted as little more than a craven photo-op.

Adding to the growing sense that Harris is simply in over her head was a shocking Politico report in which multiple White House insiders claimed that the office of the vice president is an “abusive environment” in which staffers are disrespected, mistreated, and “thrown under the bus from the very top.”

The mounting missteps of Harris’ first several months in office have led some Democrats to fear for their party’s future should she assume the mantle of its standard-bearer once Biden is out of the picture. One anonymous source told Axios that the sense among some is not that “Oh, no, our heir apparent is f***ing up. What are we gonna do?” but were thinking, “Oh, she’s f***ing up. Maybe she shouldn’t be the heir apparent.”

Blithely brushing aside any worries that she just doesn’t have the chops for the job, Harris – with the haughty cackle Americans now know all too well – is trying in vain to convince voters that her only real flaws are that she works too hard, cares too much, and simply can’t say no to a challenge.