Justice Samuel Alito cancels planned public appearance amid threats of violence

Amid apoplectic liberal rage over a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court potentially portending the end of Roe v. Wade, some on the left have gone so far as to call for the document’s author, Justice Samuel Alito, to be murdered, a dangerous scenario which likely cause him to cancel a planned public appearance this week, as Reuters reports.

According to the outlet, Alito was slated to attend the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals’ judicial conference that was to start on Thursday, and though the high court offered no explanation for the cancellation of those plans, it seems safe to assume that the threats against the justice’s life likely played a role.

One particularly egregious example of the alarming tone taken by those in opposition to the contents of the draft opinion came from Simon Gwynn, reported to be a former journalist from the United Kingdom, who mused on Twitter,“If you had the chance to kill Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, the two oldest right wing Supreme Court judges, should you do it while Biden can get his nominees to replace them confirmed?”

Adding to concerns that threats of harm to Alito or any other members of the court might actually be carried out were reports that left-wing abortion rights activist group Ruth Sent Us was planning demonstrations at what it called “the homes of the six extremist justices” and even went so far as to publish addresses of the jurists’ residences in Maryland and Virginia.

While Fox News noted that there is an enhanced law enforcement presence being dispatched to the justices’ homes, and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department constructed fencing around the Supreme Court complex itself, many believe that not enough has been done at the federal level to protect the safety of those on the bench and their families.

Mike Davis, former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, explained last week his belief that the jurists are in “grave danger” from leftist protesters and blasted what he views as the wholly inadequate response from the federal government thus far. “The attorney general, Merrick Garland, needs to step up. …There are people making threats against justices online and elsewhere. …He needs ot make a very strong public denouncement of this,” he said.

So far, however, no such condemnation of the left’s tactics over the past week appears to be forthcoming from the Biden administration, as was made clear on Thursday during an exchange between Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, with the journalist noting the conduct of Ruth Sent Us and asking for an official reaction.

Doocy asked, “So [President Joe Biden] doesn’t care if they’re protesting outside the Supreme Court or outside [a justice’s] private residence?” to which Psaki astonishingly replied, “I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest.”

That, in the words of George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley’s words, was “one of the lowest moments in American politics,” and sadly, with protests expected to gain steam this weekend and for the foreseeable future, the very real possibility of where they could lead is frightening indeed.