Justice Roberts to pave way for Indiana to restrict abortion for minors

Pro-abortion fanatics will likely soon enter a frenzied state when they discover what Chief Justice John Roberts is doing for the state of Indiana on the abortion front.

According to the Washington Examiner, the chief justice granted an expedited request from the state which asks that it be able to apply the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade with regard to Indiana minors’ access to abortion without parental consent.

The outlet added: “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit had previously said that it had to wait until it received formal notification of the Supreme Court’s judgment, which is typically relayed to lower courts on July 25, before it could enforce the law, as reported by NBC News.”

The law restricting access to abortion for minors without proper parental consent has been on the books for several years — staying in a “blocked” status since 2017.

Attorneys for the state of Indiana argued in their request to expedite the application of the latest ruling to the courts wrote, “Delay would only serve to prevent enforcement of a duly enacted state statute designed to protect minors, families, and the unborn.”

The Examiner added:

Indiana had originally directed their request to Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who typically handles appeals from that portion of the country, but she referred it to Roberts presumably because she sat on the appeals court when the case was initially before it.

The decision by Chief Justice Roberts has already set off a firestorm on the left, with many on social media slamming him for blocking access to abortion for minors, using their usual narrative of accusing justices on the high court of suppressing or eliminating “reproductive health” rights.

Should the law be enacted, which is expected, anyone in Indiana under 18 will need parental consent for an abortion, with the exception of a successful petitioning of the court to waive the requirement.