Justice Kavanaugh seen at his former high school to cheer on football team

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had arguably the most intensely debated Senate confirmation hearing in modern American history, as his liberal opponents attempted to smear his confirmation by highlighting sexual misconduct claims brought forth from a woman from his high school years, which were eventually debunked.

According to the Daily Mail, the 56-year-old SCOTUS justice, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, was recently seen in a rare public appearance, as he returned to his alma mater, Georgetown Preparatory School, to cheer them on as they took on their rivals on the football field. 

The justice was witnessed at the game socializing with others, and seemingly enjoying the Friday night lights as his former team took the field. The Daily Mail reported that Kavanaugh attended the event alone.

While Kavanaugh has largely remained out of the spotlight since his rocky confirmation to the high court just over three years ago, he will likely soon be thrust back into the media’s crosshairs as he prepares for an onslaught of COVID-19 mandate-related cases making their way to the Supreme Court.

Across the country, as thousands of Americans revolt against harsh COVID-19 mandates that often result in the termination of employment as a consequence of non-compliance, Kavanaugh and fellow Justice Amy Coney Barrett are expected to play key roles in several upcoming related cases.

According to Vox, the first case that Kavanaugh and the high court will see is known as Does v. Mills, which centers around “religious liberty” claims with regard to refusing COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

So far, even conservatives on the high court have not ruled in favor of some of the emergency requests brought forth by vaccine-resistant employees, but Vox noted that once the merits of such cases are heard, the conservative majority could, in fact, mean a string of huge wins for those groups.

Only time will tell how the cases end up, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see progressives go back on the attack against justices like Kavanaugh if he and his fellow conservative justices being to dismantle vaccine mandates across the country.