Justice Department sends two prosecutors to work on case involving Representative Matt Gaetz

The Justice Department has added two prosecutors to run the child sex trafficking investigation of Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a close ally of former President Donald Trump.

The two prosecutors will be joining the teams that have already been working on the investigation probing the allegations that Representative Gaetz is involved in sex trafficking.

The investigation into Representative Gaetz has raised many questions, and there is suspicion of a political hitjob. Representative Gaetz was a rising star in the Republican Party and became a target for a Democrat Party desperate to knock down their competition.

While Representative Gaetz is involved in the allegations, it has yet to be confirmed if he is the primary suspect when it comes to the sex trafficking allegations.

The investigation is also pursuing allegations of corruption and fraud committed by a web of people with which Representative Gaetz had connections.

Many Republicans to believe that Representative Gaetz is not involved in the allegations but that his connection to the situation is being used against him. It would not be above the Justice Department to attack a political opponent.

Republicans cannot trust our justice system, and anyone coming out of Washington D.C. to “aid” in an investigation very well could have ulterior motives.

Representative Gaetz has already exposed an extortion scheme against him in connection with the alleged child sex trafficking. None of that will matter if the Justice Department is determined to take him down because of his proximity to Donald Trump.

Americans ought to keep an eye on the situation as we could be seeing the political persecution of another Republican. Democrats have shown they are willing to do anything to punish those who stand in their way.