JUST IN: Top Liberal SNAPS – He Can’t Take It Anymore

Bill Maher is taking the red pill.

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11 Responses

  1. Maxine Watters needs to “ shut her mouth” she wants to incite more riots while she lived behind gates, walls with 24/7 armed security. Then she will turn around and say she didn’t say anything. This ol rich lady needs to retire too.

  2. God will show His hand very soon. Look for the signs. Keep praying and keep your eyes and ears wide open April 23rd through April 26th. Big changes are coming and they will be GOOD.

  3. when will we get biden,harris.Nancy and Chuck impeached and out of the Government so we can get America back to a good place, Lets get it done now remove them !

    1. When the republican legislatures in the supposed swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and other states stand up and do quick audits of the last election proving the voter fraud that happened, replacing their electoral college electors and putting the real winners in, which were President Trump and at least 4 senators. They allowed the steal and they can stop it. Or when the military enforces the oath they took to protect the constitution to take out the illegal administration and put in the legal administration. We are told they have all the evidence and proof needed. Will the republicans or military do their duty — I doubt it! Otherwise it may take a civil war, hot or cold, to take out the illegal administration.

    2. Your first word is the most important. When???? I don’t see it happening any time soon. Dems are making a lot of enemies. I just hope we can make it through these 4 years and still have a country at the end. It is looking very grim with two knuckle-heads in charge.

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