JUST IN: Taliban Gets A NASTY Shock – Americans Cheering

Afghanistan isn’t completely in Taliban control yet – resistance fighters are still fighting for freedom, even after they were abandoned by the United States.

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cozycalico (@guest_392805)
21 days ago

We left them all our equipment so maybe they will use it to achieve their freedom.

Manny (@guest_392658)
21 days ago

Maybe a shadow force in America can resupply them and keep them going with logistic support. My war was Vietnam and i am too old to traverse hills and mountains. Maybe the kids doing all the cops and innocent civilians can go exhaust their hate over there against the Taliban and the other idiots who want to kill us.

Joe (@guest_392639)
21 days ago

The time to fight, is before they take away your second amendment.

jean monfort (@guest_392711)
Reply to  Joe
21 days ago


rebel (@guest_392615)
21 days ago

yea to the afgan freedom fighters. at least they aren’t cowards like we have running this country right now. i hope they prevail. maybe thay can get hold of some of the military equipment we left over there

Norma Milton (@guest_392767)
Reply to  rebel
21 days ago

I hope they get to steal a lot of the weapons and I pray that we get many of the children out of danger. This whole evacuation was not planned like “lets do it.” They should have gotten the equipment out first except those needed by our Afgans friends. Biden and team screwed this whole situation up and probably sat back and laughed.

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