JUST IN: Liberals ARE NOT Worried About Delta – They’re Just Using It To Scare Us [PROOF]

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Stephen Russell (@guest_386007)
1 month ago

Awaiting till they get virus too

Veronica luker (@guest_385860)
1 month ago

They all need to be removed from office they are doing nothing to help the American people just the illegal immigrants with are tax payers money as for them tellin us to mask up or forcing people to get vacated is a illegal. You have the right to do with your body what you feel is right. I got the vacation because of health reasons,but that was my decision no one made me. But yet they let all these illegals coming here with the covid-19 and there not making them GRT vacannited. So every Republican needs to stand up for our right as American people that are tired to be taken for granted and being told what to do .WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND!!!!!!

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