Jussie Smollett conviction turns spotlight on Michelle Obama who fought to get Smollett’s charges dropped

With the conviction of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett in a hate crime hoax, former First Lady Michelle Obama has been left in a precarious position. Obama was a key ally of Smollett, and it appears that she didn’t care about the truth of his situation.

On Thursday, Smollett was convicted of a stunning five felony disorderly conduct charges for faking a hate crime.

Obama and one of her former aides, Tina Tchen, had pressured Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx into not prosecuting Smollett in a brazen show of elitism.

Smollett was an ally of influential people and they did everything in their power to save him from severe consequences.

For a former First Lady to attempt to protect a man who faked a hate crime to advance his own career and further stir up racial tensions is beyond disgusting.

Luckily, a special prosecutor investigated Kim Foxx, who found “substantial abuses of discretion and operational failures” in Foxx’s decision not to prosecute Smollett.

The next step would be to open an investigation into the correspondence between Obama and Smollett. Americans deserve to know why Michelle Obama was so intent on freeing Smollett from the consequences of his gross crime.

Leftist political figures have made it clear that they are willing to ignore the rule of law to protect their allies, and an example must be made if that behavior is to be stopped.