Judicial Watch sues to obtain autopsy results of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick

In the aftermath of unrest that took place early this year in Washington, D.C., Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have seized upon what they refer to as the shockingly “deadly” nature of that day, attempting to further the narrative that a violent mob of right-wing extremists went on a killing spree in an effort to overthrow the government.

The highly-publicized Jan. 7 death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, however, has remained shrouded in a bizarre level of secrecy, and conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has now filed suit to obtain autopsy records and other documentation in the hope of getting to the bottom of what actually caused his demise, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Judicial Watch initiated its lawsuit in District of Columbia Superior Court after the group’s Freedom of Information Act requests to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of the District of Columbia for “autopsy reports, toxicology reports, notes, photographs, and OCME officials’ electronic communications” related to the officer’s death were denied.

Capitol Police announced at the time of his death that Sicknick “passed away due to injuries sustained while on-duty” and claimed he “was injured while physically engaging with protestors.”  Numerous media reports suggested that the officer was struck by a fire extinguisher wielded by a demonstrator, the Examiner added, but later, outlets such as the New York Times subsequently backed away from that explanation, indicating that “new information” had emerged “that questions the initial cause of his death.”

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said in a statement outlining his organization’s quest to obtain additional information in the case that “the unusual and unlawful secrecy about Officer Sicknick’s death investigation undermines public confidence in the fair administration of justice.”

While the loss of 42-year-old Sicknick is undeniably tragic, the strange dearth of information about precisely what caused his death remains baffling, with some lawmakers also pressing for answers. In early March, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about the ongoing mystery, emphasizing “we all want to know what happened to Officer Brian Sicknick,” as USA Today reported.

In response, Wray said only that “there is an ongoing investigation into his death,” and that the agency is “not at a point where we can disclose or confirm the cause of death,” a response that only seems to deepen the suspicion many have that a cover-up may be afoot, given that multiple months have passed since the event at issue.

Though Democrats have gone to great lengths to characterize Jan. 6 as a day in which pro-Trump conservatives wreaked havoc on our nation’s institutions and caused the death of innocent victims, the fact remains that of the five known fatalities related to Capitol demonstrations, three were the result of personal medical emergencies including heart attack and stroke. Aside from those cases and that of Sicknick, the only other death was that of Ashli Babbitt, a conservative protestor who was fatally shot by a Capitol Police officer.

Considering that former President Donald Trump was impeached for what Democrats claimed was incitement to a riot that resulted in the death of Sicknick, and those same lawmakers used what they characterize as an ongoing threat of violence to turn the nation’s capital into something resembling an armed camp, the American public is owed the truth of what really happened, and hopefully Judicial Watch will be able to obtain it.

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      1. In my over than eight decades, I never thought I’d say about our government – you are absolutely right!!!

      2. Or Else???Major,..But Real Major Insurrection,. Already Boiling for the Last over 4 years, the Left Liberal Dems Trash Just don’t Get it The the Patient of America is Not a Corrupt game to Play. It is very near an coming Guys/

        1. YES it is…. and it’s going to CHANGE very soon ! Or else.

          Or Else???Major,..But Real Major Insurrection,. Already Boiling for the Last over 4 years, the Left Liberal Dems Trash Just don’t Get it The the Patient of America is Not a Corrupt game to Play. It is very near an coming Guys/

        2. we have to take care of this at the ballot box. in the meantime, support those states who are trying to make elections reliable… get ready for 2022…vote these idiots out of office.

          1. I agree! What’s Extremely concerning now is : We MUST STOP the H.R.1 they are pushing! Their plan is to to overcome ALL Republicans so there is ONLY the Democratic party! We must stand up, be bold, unite with all true Patriots, United we stand ,divided we fall.

    1. U are very right on the money. They say and then cover.up.but it Goverment and they are supposed.to be right. Big joke

    2. Typical government cover-up to ensure the narrative supports the desired plan. Remember, the Democrats strongly believe in never letting a bad situation go to waste. Play on the vulnerable who trust what the crooked media and government tell you.

      1. It’s plain and simple, there was a TERRORIST attack on January the sixth. The big mouth loser who instigated it should be punished with no mercy!

    3. Well it sure sounds like Christopher Wray is certainly trying to hide something. He is a crooked as they get. Wasn’t he Hilliary’s teacher or was it the other way around?

    4. I am sick and tired of hearing about the attack on the White House was all right wing activist. Let’s face it from the beginning when building were being burned down, people were being attacked you name it, we called it BLM and Antifa. What’s up with the left, didn’t they recognize their own people that they turned lose on the streets to destroy everything in their sights, then they turned on the White House. Shame on all of them.

      1. True, Sandra. Both Antifa, and BLM had valleys near to the Republican Conservatives. It was peaceful for a long time, but when the other two groups finished, they cam over and mingled with the Republican grout, got rowdy, broke into the Capitol building and did the usual damage, and vandalism they are well known for. It was not conservatives that did all the damage, they were patriotic, waving American flags on the Capitol grounds which belong to the American people. It was the Democrats 2 favorite rabble rousing groups causing the break in damage.

    5. The many, many honest, reliable members of Congress are simply overwhelmed by the liberals…in FACT it is the PEOPLE who must be in love with corruption as these corrupt members ARE the result of either a purpose driven public voter OR a completely uninformed, “turn your ear and eyes away” from the actual actions OR they are “generational party collaborators” who absolutely REFUSE to weigh the two/three parties purpose…do NOT be married to a party that lies, cheats, deceives or does NOT have the best interest of the USA in their heart, mind, soul and vote!!! THE PEOPLE MUST BE MORE AWARE OF WHAT THEIR CANDIDATE ACTUALLY STANDS FOR AND ADVOCATES!!! THE VOTER MUST GET WISER AND COMPLETELY INFORMED BEFORE THEY GOT TO THE BOOTH!!!

    1. When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
      You can always go – downtown.
      When you’ve got worries all the noise and the hurry
      Seems to help I know downtown.
      Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
      Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
      How can you lose?
      The lights are much brighter there !

      1. Yes, she voiced this a while back. Gosh, this poor mother had been through enough. No thanks to PigLoser and the Left. Mother Sicknick deserves for her son to respectfully Rest In Peace.

      2. Poor women. The POS in the media and government won’t leave her memories remain pure. Instead the continue reminding her she lost a child. R.I.P Officer and thank you!

      3. Thank you for sharing that info. Because we both know the media wont. They are owned by the Democrats .
        The same Democrats who have used the implied cause of death to impeach President Trump . and punish Republicans
        in general for supporting Trump.

    2. The media tech does not listen and come up with lies to coverup and CTA, therefore, when they don’t listen, let them feel the heat.

  1. As usual the left is responsible and the usual cover-up.so many lies and I wish they will all,lose their memories so they can’t lie over and over.


  3. Tragically… Our Federal Government cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Starting with the Clintons, the culture in DC is built on lies, corruption and cover-up.

    1. Yes they should be in prison and most should have been charged with sedition during Trump’s presidency

    2. Yes, most of our DemocRAT lawmakers should be in prison. They are the real domestic terrorists terrorizing and lying to Americans.

  4. What happened to that woman who was shot
    ( in cold blood) by the secret service? In side the Capitol on Jan 6th.
    Where was her burial?
    Why is the cop not in jail?
    Dumbocrats are real sneaky?
    They are cheaters(of the election) and liars!!!!!!

    1. She was shot by a capitol police officer not the Secret Service. But come to think about it all Democratic Congress is SECRET AND NO SERVICE. They have refused a FOIA Request for information about this shooting. They have also refused a FOIA request about the death of the Capital officer who died on Jan 7th 2021.

  5. Don’t be surprised if the paperwork and report find it’s way missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well I know first hand that you don’t trust government FBI Fl Law Enforcement and our government I had a similar issue when pathologist was questioned he was asked two questions where were Limp notes taken and how were they tested surprise three others were on conference call response was they did not list limp notes and the tissues could not be tested samples were to bad however it didn’t stop them from saying death by cancer the only problem with that was a biopsy was completed by result was negative after they died however the medical records could not explain how he had 10,000 plus Tylenol in his system while stating they never gave this person Tylenol however if you listen to FDLE investigation they stated they did but surprise not one document in files indicate they gave Tylenol can you say toxic poisoning oh well it was just a blind person 🧑‍🦯 who cares well I tell you I do the family that loss at there hands sad that this happens in our country sad that agencies any be honest my heart is broken

  7. Corrupt is not the words to describe the government we now have. It is now the devels calling themselves polititans from the other side of HELL trying to destroy this great country for the devel. I know that in a very short time GOD will return and give them the just reward that they have earned for trying to destroy Christanity as we know it,

  8. The whole 1/6 Capitol Hills chaos was orchestrated by people who highjacked the protest in order to blame President Trump. They were quick to blame the mysterious death of policeman Sicknick on the rioters a day later on 1/7 and purposely put up a huge ceremonial parade to dramatize the the death of Sicknick. However, they didn’t even investigate who shot and killed an innocent protester Ashlie Babbit who wasn’t a threat to anyone’s life at the time. Furthermore, recent two DC policemen hit and one killed by a black man with a car didn’t seem important to the same group of people who put up a big show for the death of DC policeman Sicknick. One can easily see the whole thing is all politically motivated with one only goal – to blame anything on President Trump whenever they can. This conspiracy-minded people are evil and dangerous to our nation. Glad to see Judicial Watch is trying to get the truth of the real cause of Sicknick’s death. Americans deserve to know the truth.

  9. The Big Lies from the Democrats and there cohorts in the MSM are covering up the BIGGEST act ofTreason in the USA. Schumer, Pelosi, Biden and there minions are hiding documents that show ANTIFA & BLM started the entire event. Whats the matter Schumer, Pelosi and Biden your pants full of s**t like you.

  10. This whole thing smells like 6-day old dead cod! I’d bet either one of the commiecrat “plants” or a government boob is responsible for his death. You know, like the security guy shooting an unarmed military vet point blank? And I’ll guarantee you as long as Wray “the empty suit” is in charge, you ain’t never going to find the truth! I hope JW finds the truth, but I don’t think it will do one damn bit of good, because the “justice system” will sit on their thumbs!

  11. The government has been covering up things for years. They never told the truth about the loss of the USS Scorpion for decades. There are two books written on the subject. Why do you think you will get the truth about Hillary’s e mails or what truly happened to officer Sicknick?

  12. With all this crap still millions of people young n old STILL embraced this crazy administration.. I don’t get it…. they look and can’t see a thing… they listen but yet can’t hear….is an epidemic.. the dom epidemic

  13. Why are your reports not customized to share on social media? I have numerous friends that are interested in your stories.

  14. Like I have said many many times before the democrats are all lying about everything like they always do. The American people and the citizens of this country can not trust the democrats or the Biden administration. They always lie to the American people about everything.

    1. I am 71 yrs. old, and all of this talk about lying and blue versus red states and Dems vs. Repubs was not done until Trump came on the scene. That man really divided and harmed the U.S.


  16. when are we going to see justice for Ashli Babbitt? what is the name of the guard that shot. her? did he work for the Capitol Police or a congressman or woman? what charges does he face for her murder??? these are questions I would like to see answered now. as for Sicknick, his death is ruled due to the “insurrection” for two reasons. 1. it fits the demon rat narrative of a “riot”. 2. Sicknick’s family can get his pension, and he can be considered a “hero”. nuff’ said.

    1. His mom even stated that he died from stroke one or two days after January 6th. There was no blunt trauma at all erasing the fire extinguisher lie. If it was due to any bear spray it would have affected his lungs not his brain to produce a blood clot

    2. I’m with you! Who murdered Ashli Babbitt. And we need term limits so the time these corrupt, power hungry communists is limited. (Along with the damage they do. )

  17. Mainstream Gazette editors!
    I am asking you to carefully chose words you are using to “inform” us of anything!
    Please stop spreading the lies like this one: “Considering that former President Donald Trump was impeached for what Democrats claimed was incitement to a riot…” !
    As we all know – there were several attempts undertaken by so called “democrats” to impeach acting 45th president of the USA Donald Trump – but all of them failed!
    Therefore he WAS NEVER IMPEACHED!
    I hope at least one brave editor of MG would admit it openly and loudly some day! Howgh!

    1. I think that American media – regardless of whom they claim they “represent” – just follow the footsteps of father of modern propaganda Lenin, who said once that lie said 1000 times would eventually serve as the “truth”!

  18. What about the lady that was murdered by the police inside the capital? Do not remember reading anything about who or why. Her death is also being kept quiet.

  19. The Democrat Party has migrated from being the “DISMISSIVE INTOLERANT” Party to the “VICIOUSLY INTOLERANT” Party as evidenced by their treatment of any idea and anyone with a different point of view than theirs. This cannot be sustained. That behavior has ALWAYS LED TO VIOLENCE AND CIVIL WAR!

  20. Very early on, it was announced that he died from a medical condition. Wray can hide it all he wants too, he is as corrupt as Pelosi. Both should have been put in prison years ago.
    Find out why Pelosi was in China a few months prior to the Covid -19 (AKA-Wuhan virus). Did she pay China to create the virus?

  21. This whole mess over this officer’s tragic dead and the double talk coming out of the government is sick, tell the American people what happen

  22. Let’s clean it up! – just for records! Virus was years ago created and produced early on for taxpayers’ money in the USA laboratories as a part of so called Gain-of-Function Research, which is nice cryptonym for producing new and more deadly generations of natural deadly viruses and bacteria! We love euphemisms like “body count” for thousands soldiers – sons, fathers and husbands killed on battlefield! Later on it was “outsourced” to China as if that were outsourcing productions of ping-pong balls! Stupidity of Americans is on the peak! And it will never be lower again!

    1. Recently I was sent a survey by NRC about “protecting our nation from pandemics” My answer is clear: Push our government to stop ANY Gain-of-Function Research worldwide immediately and to destroy all its results possessed by any laboratory in every country under the sun! Push for international treaty on that!
      Start this urgent push with USA itself as a leader!
      Just wake up ASAP and look at the mirror!
      Otherwise any your question about “protecting our nation” from “pandemic” would be considered a bad and tragic joke!
      I am not Nikita Khrushchev!

  23. The insane leftheads couldn’t care less about the officer or his mother; just as Obama, Clinton, Holder, Comey and that administration couldn’t care less about our dead at Benghazi and outright lied to their families.
    They will exert whatever power necessary to give us nothing but more pain & suffering. Like Auntie Hillary said, “What, at this point, does it effin matter!?”

    1. Thank you! I’ve got your lone message!
      I regret that it is the one and only!
      United we will prevail some day!

  24. I would like the murderer of Ashli Babbitt brought to justice.
    Why is there not movement for justice of this 11 year Air Force veteran killed by a heavily disguised State policeman?

  25. In the case of Office Sicknick, his own mother spoke for the family and said they believe he suffered a stroke and succumbed to that. She also said they “did not want his death to be politicized”!

  26. I’m with you! Who murdered Ashli Babbitt. And we need term limits so the time these corrupt, power hungry communists is limited. (Along with the damage they do. )

  27. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it
    seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

    asmr 0mniartist

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