Judicial Watch is suing to have access to Biden’s blocked Senate records

Judicial Watch along with The Daily Caller News Foundation appealed to the Supreme Court of Delaware to reverse a judgment blocking a state Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) governing President Joe Biden’s senatorial records, according to Judicial Watch. If the Supreme Court reverses course, thousands of previously unseen Biden documents could be released to the public – and apparently, Biden has something to hide. 

The two groups made their joint appeal early in February and according to their Facebook post those records are being physically held at the University of Delaware, but access is not being allowed to the public.

What is Biden hiding?

“Biden’s papers include more than 1,850 boxes of archival records from his senate career,” Judicial Watch said in their post, going on to explain that the appeal comes after a Delaware Attorney General’s opinion denied access to the records.

During their request for the documents, Judicial Watch pointed out that “archival storage space and professional staff members’ time are things of value that it can be inferred are paid for with public funds.” 

“We have no idea why the University of Delaware is hiding these materials that the public should have every right to see and we are grateful for Judicial Watch and our local council for pushing this case hard,” said Daily Caller News Foundation President Neil Patel.

According to The Daily Caller’s report on the case, the University said in 2012 after it first received Biden’s archival records that it would make the library “available to the public two years after Biden’s last day in elected public office.” 

Questions about why did the records of a lifelong public servant become suddenly less safe for public consumption after the servant in question became the leader of the free world in what was a hotly contested election? 

Possibly, more importantly, is the question of why Democrats cried foul for four years about private tax records of former President Donald Trump, but the sealed records of an entire lifetime of service in public office seem not worthy of a news story on a major television news network. 

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  1. Supreme Court is a joke. Dems are probably blackmailing Roberts. Remember the pedophile airplane manifest. Also they are afraid Dems will stack court and afraid of rioting or threatening their homes and family. Understand they want Kavanagh investigated again. Just what they deserve. In Texas we call it “no cohonas”. What a shame. I have no respect for most of judges. GO TEXIT

  2. The Republican and Conservative factions of the party should support Judicial Watch to get those papers and spare no expense to do so. Taxpayers should not be paying to keep the public Joe Biden in the dark about his time in office. So stand with JW till the papers are made public.

  3. I see several comments about this being the US Supreme Court. It is referring to the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware. But, otherwise, the comments are pretty accurate, as SCOTUS has shown over the past ?? years that is is becoming incapable of deciding a case based on its’ relationship with the rules as set forth in the US Constitution. Too many times, they have been a weather vane, and just pointed in the direction of the prevailing wind, which is mostly from the left, being pushed by liberal politicians and the left slanted media. It seems they want to be popular, not correct, or to be politically correct, instead of truly correct, as compared to what our Constitution states. And down our country goes.

  4. Agree with all posts! Make ALL records public, including all the ones Obama almighty hid from all of us! We have a right to know who is running our government! That includes Piglosi and schumer’s Records as well! I bet you would find a treasure trove of “ smoking guns” that would incriminate all of them, including Kerry and killary, among others!

  5. The evil that men do live after them the good,if any will be interred in the grave.It is exposure time for everyone .God is moving.We all need to repent and get out houses in order

  6. Intresting that these records are being kept under lock and key it would be very interesting to see what is in those records, what is Biden and his handlers don’t want the American pubic to learn about this so call president

  7. Why is Joe so anxious to hide his records? HE worked for us in the senate, Therefore we should be able to see what he did. Was he a racist with his votes? Did he vote to keep our young men in senseless wars? Was he in the pocket of the KKK? How did he make millions on a Senators salary? Who knows, may be he is as innocent as a new born lamb.

  8. Like all the comments. How can you misplace 45 years of documents? Impossible, considering they never misplace anything on President Trump or any Republican they intend on smearing. Even regular citizens records are not hidden. Also, a racist remark does not make you a racist. Continuing to do things to people that are a certain race still has to be proven. Do things. Not say things. What about using the word white supremacists. White is a racist remark in this instance. All white people are not racist. Not even close. If you pick out the few that are, it still would be few. What about racism or bias against Christians, Muslims, short or tall people, people with disabilities, and people, etc. There is more violence against these. It’s all propaganda. There are racists in the Democratic Party. Yet only Republicans are racist. Not even realistic or fact based. There is bias at times against everyone. Not everything is race related. Research. Do not believe these shallow thinking, mostly self centered politicians that are only interested in votes. Could careless about race. The only race that is important is how fast they should help people. They move slower than turtles.

  9. I believe ALL of Biden’s records and files should be able to be viewed by ALL the PUBLIC . I’m sure he has plenty to hide , and as everyone knows HE DID NOT GET ELECTED AS AMERICA’S PRESIDENT . Know one in their right mind would vote for a LYING CREMINAL like Joe Biden .



  11. They are holding Puppet Biden’s Records ( Senate Records is violating Federal Law , “ FREE INFORMATION ACt. So what is this Rogue Anti- American Leftist Court & Judges Hiding. It sounds they are corrupt / Paid – off Judges & court. See NO TRANSPARENCY, NO UNITY, but lies & cover-ups by Democrat Leftist) Politicians/ Courts & Judges criminals. Talk about MisInformation/ Disinformation by the Democrat Politicians & Courts, aka Corruption by Criminals.

  12. King biden has a hold on delaware area. The unions, university, political mess all the way. Cheating lying is all he knows. Just as he said about all his promises.” That’s just what you tell them to get elected”. He and partner in crime family members. Those who act the same tend to have like wise friends….. piglosi, harras, scummer, all bottom feeders.

  13. The Supreme Court. Oh, you mean that bunch of turncoat, lying traitors that stabbed Trump in the back? They should all be lined up against a wall and shot!

  14. Evert patriotic American citizen should support Judicial Watch, even if it’s a small amount of donations, because Judicial Watch fighst for the American taxpayer and to expose the corruption in this administration. Our family is a supporter of this great organization so that corruptions can be exposed and to vote out those who are nothing but liars, thieves, cheats and those pushing their commie agendas on the American people for the destruction of our America.

    1. Fully agree with you, Katherine !!!

      Judicial Watch is definitely the only organization that is fighting for the truth, transparency in politics!!!!
      Corruption is everywhere: FBI, CIA, DOJ, all the so called “democrats “( which have turned into marxists) and also, some of the so called “Republicans “, as well !!!

      President Trump was the only one that really cared for us, listened to us, stood up for us and this is why all the crooked thugs, got so desperate to get rid of him … too much corruption, too much slime which we should not be allowed to find out about!!!
      YES, let’s help and support Judicial Watch as much as we can !!!!

  15. Tom Fenton is right public funds are being used to hide Biden’s records. He and his son are definitely afraid of the truth getting out. We know that the state department was very concerned about the conflict of interest with Hunter being on the board of the oil company in the Ukrain by and China. The records need to see the light of day. Is there any molestation charges in there?

  16. What are hiding Joe is it that $150 billion dollars also included in that Senate records?
    Is your plan to get rid of the Military? You Getting payoffs from China?

  17. I would love to see them come out. Maybe his “plausible deniability” wouldn’t hold up this time. He’s crooked!!!

  18. Peelosi said no one is above the law. Apparently she meant no one except Liberals, otherwise almost all of them would be on trial.

  19. Joe, It seems you have activities that you wish to hide, and you are U.S. President. Apparently, the wool was pulled over the publics eyes.

    1. It’s the same with Barry Sotero. Lots of files hidden away from the publics eyes. Name me one person who needs to hide his past and I’ll show you a criminal.

  20. I think it is tantamount and should most definitely be scrutinized. Biden has a lot to hide, mostly his dealings with China..

    Lets give him the same treatment they gave President Trump… he is not above the law..neither is his son…

    1. I agree, we will have to make a stand against biden, but don’t forget, harris, pelosi, obama, hillary, and all the supreme court that harbors these harmful liberal crimes against our beloved America! Not only are they destroying our lives, but also our children! The very fact that son hunter, and cuomo seem to be getting away with their crimes is atrocious! What about the American people’s integrity, honor, and values! We are being forced to allow these unlawful mobs to destroy our cities! We need some guidance and help! I have always counted on God, and will continue to seek his guidance! What about you?

    2. Why is Queen Pelosi not insisting on Impeachment of Biden since China was involved with Biden being elected as President along with Iran both of which didn’t want President Trump to be re-elected. Once again it shows a double standard with Justice.

      1. Because we all know that O biden is not running anything. Harris and Pissy Pelosi are totally in charge .We are screwed until we unite to take our country back period. Obiden can’t even change his own depends.

      1. I believe everyone that wants China crap should be sent to China to live! Let’s see them make a ruckus over there

  21. King biden thought he could just give all his old papers to his old delaware university. That could keep his paper private for years after his death. Now the real stories may come out if his grip on delaware is let go. But i think not. King biden will keep his old records seal. Like a juvenile record would be.

      1. It’s amazing that they have been hiding things about Biden. He is china’s boy, plain as the nose on your face, he owes them a fortune he will never get it paid.Guess it will be our country he will try to get, after the battle.


      1. None of the judges on the Supreme Court should have any connection to any party! Since the judges of the High Court have party loyalty you will NEVER ever have one decision which will please the American People. The corruption of America starts at the SCOTUS !

    2. Biden is a king, alright. He’s king of that kingdom between his two ears; and I hear it’s pretty cold, damp and foggy there most days.

    3. Right you are. Biden’s, just like Obama, is hiding everything. Shifty characters and a definite danger to America. We need Trump back NOW!

    4. Now, now!

      After all King Sleep is just trying to emulate his president from Kenya King OBAMMER!!!!!!!

      Don’t remember the press having anything to say when Obammer never did produce and actual birth certificate to prove he was legally qualified to be pres! There a lots of things like that King Obammer did! For instance meddling in and helping with the fraudulent 2020 election!!

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