Judge upholds liability immunity for gun makers in blow to Biden agenda

Amid a string of deadly shootings early in his administration, President Joe Biden made it clear that gun control would be a major policy priority during his first term in office, but a recent court ruling represents a serious setback to one of his key aims.

According to the Washington Examiner, a federal judge in Arizona issued a ruling upholding liability immunity for gun makers granted by the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), contrary to President Joe Biden’s expressed wish that the opposite outcome would be reached.

U. S. District Court Judge Susan Brnovich found in favor of noted firearms manufacturer Glock in the case of Travieso v. Glock, Inc. In her decision, she dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun violence on behalf of a man who was paralyzed when a gun made by the company was accidentally discharged, striking him unexpectedly.

The judge’s opinion marks an encouraging vindication for proponents of the Second Amendment, with the judge pointing out in her written decision that similar challenges to gun-maker liability immunity have previously been rejected by liberal Appeals Court panels.

National Shooting Sports Foundation spokesperson Mark Oliva heralded the outcome in the case, opining, “The dismissal of this case is welcome news and demonstrates the importance of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.”

“These attempts to hold manufacturers responsible for the criminal and negligent misuse of firearms are misguided and are attempts at legislation through litigation,” said, Oliva, who added, “The PLCAA law was passed with a bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress to keep activists from attempting to bankrupt firearm manufacturers by tying them up in court with unfounded claims.”

Judge Brnovich issued her decision in the case back in March, but it is making headlines now due to growing calls from the Democrats for new, stronger gun control measures, including an expressed desire to bring an end to liability immunity for firearms manufacturers.

After taking office earlier this year, Biden wrongly declared that gun manufacturing “is the only industry in America” that enjoys exemption from lawsuits, also saying, “If I get one thing on my list [if] the Lord came down and said, ‘Joe, you get one of these,’ give me that one, as the Examiner noted, a likely indication of the frustration the administration felt once the ruling in this matter was handed down.

Biden has already pledged to fight hard for what he refers to as “commensense steps” to bolster gun control in this country – including enacting a ban on “assault weapons” – but only time will tell whether the Democrats will be able to push such an agenda through Congress with their extremely precarious, and hopefully short-lived, hold on power.

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  3. If they would have allowed gun mfrs to be sued than what would stop them from allowing car murder and alcohol producers from being sued if a dui kills someone.

  4. Biden and his useless drug addict son belong in jail, not Washington. It is the Biden cartel, not the POTUS

  5. The law was made long before PLCAA, it’s called, The Second Amendment of The Constitution and shall not be infringed.

  6. It is truly inconceivable to blame gun manufacturers for how people use their guns. It would open a precedent that manufacturers of any product could be liable for the way their product is used. Takes the responsibility of the user to a whole new level. Absolute nonsense!!!

  7. Why are those whom are responsible users of their guns being punished???? This is discrimination. The Good being punished for what and who is Bad. There are more good and responsible US Citizens. More who love their neighbor than don’t. Genuinely good people. But the Common Sense people are not being heard. Why???

  8. Finally got a true judge without bias or prejudice against the Constitutional right to bear arms. I would love to have see sleepy Joe’s face when he got the new about this ruling. If you look at the data, most shootings occur within liberal cities by black people who are killing their own. For example. The young black girl that was sitting in her living room was shot by a black thug. The Chief of Police was shot by another black man. OOOOOH, but you won’t hear the Main Stream Media talking about this because that don’t fit their liberal narrative. All they was to do is defund the police, take away our guns and allow BLM and ANTIFA to burn down their cities. Lock and Load folks.

  9. The election was a fraud. biden is NOT OUR PRESIDENT. We need President Trump back in office where he belongs.

    1. I agree and allow us to drop napalm on the border day and night and allow US citizens to shoot the illegal wetbacks DEAD !

  10. If Joe wants to go after a huge killer in this country then Joe set your sights on abortion.

  11. Next he would have wanted to take planes, trains and automobiles off the road….

    Good decision!!!!!!!!!!

    1. He is already trying that shutting down pipelines and now we have demorats hackers. Gun industry is not the only one not regulated, what about Facebook And all the Teck Giants they do as they please that is why the let Biden (In), it’s all about control. Easy to control people without weapons. Look what Hitler did.

    1. AND most are done in lib meccas by liberals. Why??? Because they have lousy lib governments who want to defund the police and allow more of it.

    2. i think the second amendment is very clear if you can read english ,and if not keep your trap shut /!i know the left wing democrat party want,s to thang the wording because it does not comply with there english ?dont the democrats remember the supreme court has ruled it is what it is ,?so leave it along ?but as we all know you cant train stupid its like the crook he,s always knocking at your door and you should know better not to let him in /!!

    3. Exactly. It’s so obvious that it amazes me that anyone would refer to any type of violence with a gun would point there finger and call it gun violence. When some is stabbed they don’t don’t call it knife violence or if some is beaten with a baseball bat they don’t call it baseball bat violence. The Left’s continued attack on our 2nd Amendment rights has no merit. It’s a hoax like everything else they stand for.

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