Judge says yes to examination of Michigan Dominion voting machines

A Michigan judge has given the go-ahead to a forensic investigation of 22 Dominion vote tabulation machines in Antrim County.

Trump attorneys Jenna Ellis and Rudy Guiliani are celebrating the decision.

“Our team is going to be able to go in this morning at about 8:30 and will be there for about eight hours to conduct that forensic examination and we’ll have the results in about 48 hours, and that’ll tell us a lot about these machines,” Ellis said on a Fox News interview.

Guiliani tweeted about the decision:

Fox notes:

Elsenheimer’s order does not mention the presidential race. The county did, however, draw controversy after an error initially showed that President-elect Joe Biden won, even though Trump was later shown to have won by several thousand votes.

The Trump team has had a look and frustrating time of it in the court system so far. Hopefully this is the begining of a real opportunity for Trump to make his case. In any case, Dominion Voting Systems has to be a little concerned right now.

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  1. “Good noW!”®,B”H. even if they’ve wiped the evidence, seeing what interference these Dmoinon machines permit will be useful evidence, as much has been denied!

  2. These crooks have to be stopped ,the Biden camp has all but out right admited that they cheated and you didn’t vote for Biden you voted for Harris .

  3. I pray that all the evidence they need will be there and not erased. If the Dems are crooked enough to cheat in this way….they are dirty enough to erase the evidence. I know myself and many others I have talked to are livid that our votes were compromised. Those taking part in these schemes all over the nation should be in jail immediately. I hope they are getting names.

    1. The machines in question should have been placed under military armed guard a month ago to stop any further tampering with them,,, the demonRats have already wiped them clean I’m afraid.

  4. Hopefully enough evidence will be found to prove vote tampering. If they erased evidence, they should be prosecuted for destroying evidence! Where is the doj in all this? Hiding in biden’s Basement? We, the people know they cheated, so do they! This farce should be stopped, and a re vote held, paper only ballots with Valid voter I.d. , no mail in ballots, and everything overseen by federal marshals. And NO tabulating machines, hand count only. The only absentee ballots should be for deployed military personnel, voting in their state of legal residence in their military files. That is the ONLY way to have a fair and legal election! We, as Americans are sick of demonrat gerrymandering already! Maybe even on a re vote, Republicans will take control of congress as well! Or perhaps President Trump should call a limited martial law toeffect a legal election, with NO illegal voters, only u.s. residents voting, with proof of residency in the state they are voting in of at least six months, with proof of residency.

    1. I agree!!! I have been saying this since November 4th. If the machines have been tampered with, deleted evidence, etc; then those who did the tampering, and who ordered the tampering need to go to jail immediately.

  5. I hope that they can find the tampering that I feel happened. We should know what happened as citizens and legal voters. If tampering was found without any doubt I feel that we should have a new election with military personnel as the only ones who can legally absentee vote with all other “citizens” voting in person with government issued identification including photo. For those who are home bound, accommodations should be made to help them although I don’t know how. Every “legal” citizen’s vote should be counted, nobody who is here illegally or who is deceased can vote obviously.

  6. Hey folks once again the Dems r one step ahead of the Republicans – THOSE MACHINES WERE WIPED CLEAN IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE ELECTION!!! That is how the Dems operate!!!!!
    Dems motto:

  7. Vote in person. Only those who requested absentee ballot due to health issue will be permitted. There’s not a single evidence of Coronavirus spread in the voting place. Face masked & social distancing is the key.

  8. I agree with a lot people Trump said this was going happen and it did one most corrupt election ever and when elected people who was counting ballots did all this mail in voting fraud and regular fraud

  9. Maybe a stupid question, those machines dont have a memory, we dont have them , WE vote by red pencil on a paper, ánd get fraud also by trowing away the PVV Party from GEERT WILDERS, OUR, DUTCH , TRUMP. no potus. Praying the TRUMP say put, MAGA2020.

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