Judge rejects request from Stacey Abrams-linked group to begin unlimited fundraising

In a serious blow to liberals everywhere, a federal judge denied a request by a fundraising committee aligned with Democrat Georgia gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams to start raising unlimited sums, citing provisions of a state statute passed in 2021, as The Hill reports.

The decision came as the result of litigation initiated by Abrams’ still-pending One Georgia leadership committee asking for permission to accept all contribution amounts on the premise that their preferred candidate is already the Democrat Party’s de facto nominee for governor.

In support of their contention, One Georgia pointed to a law passed last year – and supported by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp – allowing such committees to operate and raise unlimited amounts, provided they are working on behalf of, as The Hill put it, “a select few top candidates, including the incumbent governor and major party nominees.”

However, U.S. District Judge Mark Cohen held that even though Abrams does not have any opposition from within her party, she has yet to receive the official nod through the formal primary process, and as such, her candidacy does not meet the threshold for unlimited fundraising as provided by the aforementioned law.

Georgia’s gubernatorial primary is slated for May 24, and, in Cohen’s estimation, permitting Abrams’ committee to start raising unlimited sums prior to that date would require him to “effectively rewrite” the statute.

Clearly disappointed by the outcome, Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams’ campaign manager, said that the ruling simply means that “it is more urgent than ever” for backers to donate directly through campaign’s existing website.

As Politico noted, it was last month that Abrams took her second gubernatorial campaign into its next phase with a large rally in Atlanta, an event which marked her formal return as a candidate for statewide office after her 2018 bid to lead Georgia went down to defeat.

That contest, her loss in which Abrams has still not conceded, was to Kemp, against whom she will be running again, with former GOP Sen. David Perdue also having thrown his hat into the ring in the current cycle. Recent polling from The Hill/Emerson College shows Abrams trailing the incumbent governor and the former senator by margins of 44-51% and 44-49%, respectively.

Even so, neighboring Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis recently made clear what he believes are the high ideological stakes in the race, saying, “If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, I just want to be honest, that will be a cold war between Florida and Georgia,” adding, “I can’t have Castro to my south and Abrams to my north, that would be a disaster,” and that is a sentiment with which voters in the Peach State hopefully agree.