Judge Jeanine slams ‘woke’ Bronx judge who released a violent teen back on the streets to kill

Unfortunately for innocent Americans, today’s “woke” culture seems to have already infiltrated the U.S. justice system, as a number of judges are now making decisions that do not seem to be based on the law or are in the best interest of public safety.

According to Fox News, the network’s own Judge Jeanine Pirro recently did a segment on what she called a “frightening trend,” pointing to a recent example involving a Bronx, New York judge who drastically reduced bail for a teen with a long list of prior gun charges. When the teen was released, he immediately committed another serious crime — this time shooting into a crowd of people and killing a young father of two. 

Pirro opened the show by highlighting an especially disturbing case involving teenager Alberto Ramirez, who had no less than three gun-related charges on his record that he managed to accumulate in the course of just a few months.

When Ramirez was originally arrested and charged, a $75,000 bail was set, all but ensuring that he’d remain in jail for the time being. But acting justice of the Bronx Country Supreme Court, Denis Boyle, apparently believed that it wasn’t fair for Ramirez to be stuck with high bail, so he used his power to lower it to $10,000.

Not surprisingly, Boyle’s shocking move allowed Ramirez to post bail and get back out on the streets, where shortly after, he would allegedly open fire into a crowd of people, claiming the life of an innocent father of two young children.

“Judges like this are a menace to society,” New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy said. “We need to change this one Party Democrat rule of this state in order to bring change to this system.”

Langworthy believes that New York City has become “perverted” with liberal judges while also taking shots at Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for ending cash bail programs and chipping away at the powers afforded to state and local law enforcement officers.

New York victims’ rights advocate Jennifer Harrison joined Pirro and Langworthy for the segment, adding that she believes the state’s entire court system is currently a “complete disaster.”

It’s one thing for judges to show leniency in special circumstances for people unlike Ramirez who do not have a rap sheet of violent charges, but if they continue letting violence-prone people back out on the streets, undoubtedly more innocent lives will be lost as a result, all in the name of “woke” culture.