Judge Jeanine slams Biden, says America has a ‘deficit of leadership today’

There’s no denying it: America is far less safe under President Joe Biden than it has been since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that rocked this nation nearly 20 years ago.

According to Fox News, the network’s own Judge Jeanine Pirro made that exact point during her weekend show, saying that with Biden as president, there’s a clear “deficit of leadership” in America.

Pirro held nothing back as she excoriated the current president, pointing to his dismal and humiliating poll numbers in the wake of his handling of the U.S. troop pullout in Afghanistan that ended up costing American lives.

She went on to compare how Americans fared during past administrations and where we are now, under Biden, as he essentially handed the entire country of Afghanistan to Taliban terrorists, who very well may strike the U.S. homeland in the future.

“What have we learned in 20 years? Are we any safer now? Are we still vulnerable? Sadly, I believe we’re more vulnerable,” Pirro said in her opening monologue.

She added: “There is a deficit of leadership today…You don’t even have to look at a poll to know instinctively that only 39% of Americans approve of Joe Biden. His lies, his ineptitude, and his determination to choose politics and ideology over the safety of America and her citizens. It is evident day after day.”

Biden, who presumably hoped to deliver a speech on Saturday announcing the safe and successful end of the nearly 20-year war in Afghanistan, instead stayed quiet at the three ceremonies he attended, which didn’t go unnoticed, according to many on social media.

Unfortunately for America’s future, Pirro, as usual, is right on the money. America is absolutely less safe than it has been for a long time with Biden at the helm, and it’s probably only a matter of time before that’s proven in the form of a new wave of terror activity against the United States.