Judge Jeanine hammers Biden, says he gave Taliban terrorists ‘their own nation’

President Joe Biden’s failed and mishandled U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will have dire consequences for the United States — and the rest of the free world — for years to come.

As Fox News reported, the network’s own Judge Jeanine Pirro pointed out in a recent airing of her show that President Biden has essentially handed the Taliban — a brutal terrorist regime — their very own nation from which they can plot, plan and eventually execute virtually any terrorist act they please.

“Biden prioritizes Afghans with no connection to the United States and no vetting over American citizens. One hundred Afghan evacuees are being investigated for possible ties to terrorism,” the judge said in her opening monologue.

She added: “The world watches as Biden, according to reports flies Afghan men with child brides, pedophilia or human trafficking where I come from, into Wisconsin over Christians and young soccer players, where they are abandoned, stranded and left as hostages. Joe Biden has given a terrorist organization their own nation.”

Jeanine went on to point out several consequences of Biden’s actions, including the fact that the Taliban are parading around Afghanistan in cutting-edge U.S military equipment while showing off the latest and greatest U.S. military weapons that they’ll likely use to enforce their dominance.

She dialed in on Biden’s sinking approval numbers, and then held nothing back as she excoriated the president for his gross incompetence with regard to virtually everything he touches.

“You are no longer the commander-in-chief. You are the liar-in-chief. You spew lies as truth. Then turn and bobble away, incapable of answering questions. Instead you send out your puppets on a string to double down on your lies,” the judge said.

She also accused Biden of aiding and abetting the Taliban, adding that his decision to strand hundreds — or more — Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan amounts to nothing less than a “dereliction of duty.”