Judge: IRS must reveal whether it conducted criminal probe of Clinton Foundation

Despite their seeming ability to elude scrutiny of every nebulous aspect of their post-White House dealings, a small degree of transparency may soon be imposed upon Bill and Hillary Clinton.

According to the Washington Examiner, federal Tax Court Judge David Gustafson last month ordered the Internal Revenue Service to declare whether it ever conducted a criminal probe of the Clinton Foundation, much to the certain consternation of the former president and secretary of State.

In response to questions raised by two financial analyst whistleblowers who claimed to have evidence of foundation wrongdoing, John Moynihan and Larry Doyle, Judge Gustafson called into doubt prior claims by the IRS Whistleblower Office that no criminal probe of the entity by the IRS had ever occurred.

Declaring that such a representation from the IRS “was not supported by the administrative record and thus constituted an abuse of discretion,” Gustafson remanded the matter to the agency’s Whistleblower Office for further investigation of the “gap” in its records.

The ruling stated that the office is now required to “further investigate to determine whether [it’s own Criminal Investigation division] proceeded with an investigation based on [Moynihan and Doyle’s] information and collected proceeds.”

Moynihan and Doyle made news back in 2018 when they claimed to have unearthed evidence of financial crimes and pay-to-play schemes at the heart of the Clinton Foundation’s work, as the Examiner noted.

The pair told the House Oversight Committee that they had conducted a comprehensive forensic probe of the organization using tax filings, public records, and interviews with foundation staffers and that they discovered improper use of organization funds to pay the Clintons’ personal expenses. They also claimed that they found evidence that the foundation was lobbying on behalf of foreign governments, contrary to its stated mission and potentially in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Moynihan and Doyle said at the time that they could not provide lawmakers with material documents from their own probe because they were concerned about undermining ongoing federal investigations, claiming that they had turned their findings over to the IRS already, in the context of a “probable cause” submission.

Though Gustafson warned in his ruling that he did not plan to facilitate the pair’s apparent desire to “prove wrongdoing and tax evasion by the target entities and to prove dereliction of duty by the IRS,” he at least took the step of exposing whether a criminal probe of the of the Clinton Foundation was ever launched, something countless Americans believe should have been the case.

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  5. The list of Democrats who have committed crimes with impunity is so long now that it would tie up the courts for years if justice were ever to be served!

  6. Hopefully it isn’t another words only job. That is all that ever seems to happen with the Dems. Every so often some official makes a statment that something might be done, but that is all it is….words.

  7. Out in the country where I live “The saying is when they investigate the “Clinton’s” HELL will be froze over and that is not going to happen”. The only justice that will come to the Clinton’s will be by our Great GOD and no one else and that is a fact. That is as sure as there is a blue sky and beautiful white clouds. Pray on for it will happen and they will get their just rewards as bad as it will be very soon. AMEN..!!!!!!

  8. The keypad punching for dollars gang should team up with Clinton’s, now they know what the word scam means. Hilariously would organize them under the State Dept. for revenue beyond belief. Of course all funds will be routed thru the big guy for sanitation purposes.

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  10. By the time anything would come about from an investigation into the Clintons they’ll have been dead and buried. Anyone and everyone will have been bought off or bribed for their indiscretions. Nothing is going to happen. The deep state is an abyss.

  11. Clinton Foundation that was supposed to benefit Haitians but was nothing but a PaY for Play scheme by the Clinton’s. Instead of helping them rebuild after the hurricane and earthquake they built roads to a unpopulated end of Haiti to create a resort. Instead the exploitation by the Clintons of the Haitians just created animosity towards the Clintons. Needless to say their Clinton Foundation was a failure in helping the Haitians.

  12. The end draws nea r .They need to repent and make things right.A day of reckoning is coming for all

  13. That’s why we Americans must get out and Vote these people out of office and get our Country back.

  14. every now and then we see such shocking!! news that the Clintons might finally be getting the attention they so rightfully deserve after all the years of corruption. it never pans out, as they pay off whomever it is that is looking? at their dealings. I’m afraid this is another such wild goose chase. these people and all scurrilous like them will never pay the piper. they might tip him, but never pay what is owed….. if it was John q. public, you can bet he’d be in Gitmo by now. just another wild goose chase….. you can’t ever be arrested or charged if your bank account has more than 10 or so figures in it. just another plus of being a billionaire many times over.

  15. Nothing can touch the democrap machine now.. king biden in charge of all operations. We the people are doomed.. now they are being nice wait till we back them into a corner and watch all hell break loose on anyone not democrap. And if you are not a radical democrap expect the same as republican.. guilty till proven more guilty…

  16. Let’s hope this is not just a formality as history told us that most crimes committed by liberal politicians (Clinton family, Biden family and many other liberal politicians) often overlooked by our justice system.

    1. Why has Democrats nefarious behaviors been
      overlooked & ignored? Yet a special counsel was orchestrated & paid to find criminal activity
      by Donald J Trump when no crime existed. They hired 19 hardcore Democratic prosecutors & for 2 yrs costing millions nothing was found. Then Pelosi put Trump through 2 bogus impeachment’s with no precedence? There was evidence on Hunter Biden & the Biden family yet was totally swept under the rug. Amazing how there seems to be different
      Laws for the Democrats.

      1. Sadly, Trump failed in draining the Swamp. The problem being the demokrauts and their muck dwellers do not want and fought back against the legitimate imposition of equality of laws. Why would they think that laws should apply to everyone equally when they have gotten away with their crimes for decades? Everyone who is anyone in Washington D.C. is a swamp-dweller and would hate to have the laws governing the rest of us applied to them.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Thomas. We already know they are as crooked as they come.

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