Judge hits Oregon child sexual predator with nearly three-century-long prison sentence

There won’t be any tears shed for an Oregon man who was on the receiving end of a centuries-long prison sentence last week.

According to the Washington Examiner, that’s because 34-year-old Tristan Ray Stanton was convicted on 29 counts of sex crimes involving four little girls, dating back to 2014. Douglas County Judge Ann Marie Simmons slammed the predatorial creep with a staggering 275-year prison sentence. 

The judge made clear to the courtroom that in every case, she carefully weighs any redeeming qualities of the person being charged when determining a convict’s sentence, but said she simply couldn’t find that in Stanton’s grossly disturbing circumstances.

“I work very hard to find a place to work encouragement into my sentence, but there is absolutely nothing in this case that I find redeeming,” the judge said. “There is nothing I can say to them or say to you that can make anything better. There was nothing good that came of this.”

Stanton was ultimately charged with seven counts of first-degree sodomy and three counts of first-degree unlawful penetration, landing him multiple decades-long sentences that added up to nearly three centuries in prison, ensuring that his chances of early release are virtually non-existent.

According to the New York Post, Stanton also received 75-, 45- and 36-month sentences on charges of first-degree sex abuse, which will also be served consecutively.

Prior to the judge deciding Stanton’s fate, Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg pleaded with the judge to “honor these girls” that he assaulted, telling the judge that they “will never be the same.”

While Stanton was found guilty in the case of the four little girls, Wesenberg expressed during the hearing that he believes there are more to come, saying, “I can’t tell you as I’m standing here how many more children he’s had at.”

While a death sentence might have been the first choice for many who followed the case, Stanton will soon realize that serving a guaranteed life sentence in prison as a convicted child sexual abuser will prove to be much worse than meeting his end in a chair.