Judge grants Biden administration right to seize Texas border property

More and more Americans are taking note of the fact that there is very little relationship between numerous pledges made by then-candidate Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign and the decisions his administration has actually made since assuming control in January.

A prime example of an apparent Biden reversal is that of his administration’s seizure Tuesday of 6.5 acres of ranch land along the Texas border with Mexico that followed a judge’s ruling in the very sort of court battle in which the president vowed he would never engage, as Law & Crime reports.

According to Breitbart, controversies over rancher Fred Cavazon’s property date back to the George W. Bush administration, with the owner fighting to retain control of property his family has held since 1760. In August of 2020, the Trump administration filed suit to condemn the land to construct part of the southern border wall, after having made its intentions known back in 2018.

Cavazos protested the action, arguing that the government’s plans would ruin his family’s ability to earn a living from the property, as renters would have little interest in land rendered largely inaccessible and/or unattractive because of the wall itself, and contending that his cattle herd would lose the ability to access water.

During the heat of the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden insisted that he would bring an end to all litigation seeking to condemn border-adjacent land for purposes of wall construction, bluntly saying, according to Breitbart, “End it. End. End. Stop. Done. Over. Not gonna do it. Withdraw the lawsuits. We’re out. We’re not gonna confiscate the land.”

Curiously, however, the Biden administration’s Justice Department picked up the litigation in early 2021, dashing the Cavazos family’s hopes that the president would remain true to his prior words on the subject. Reynaldo Cavazos lamented the situation to the Washington Post, saying, “We took him at his word. He is not keeping his word.”

On Monday, federal District Judge Micaela Alvarez, agreeing that the government has need of “urgency of possession,” granted immediate control of the contested parcel to the administration, according to Law & Crime, and authorities seized physical possession of the land two days later.

This is not the only instance in which Biden’s actions with regard to border wall constructions have been a far cry from his words on the stump. Despite guaranteeing last August that “not another foot of wall” would be constructed if he won election to the White House, reports emerged earlier this month that the president was in fact considering restarting previously halted wall construction at certain points along the border to fill some “gaps,” according to The Washington Times.

With increasing regularity, diverse segments of the American electorate are learning the hard way that on a wide range of issues, the words of the Biden campaign – when compared to the deeds of the Biden administration – ultimately amounted to little more than a classic case of bait-and-switch.

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  1. When it comes time for all the executions how long will the line be to be the one to pull the trigger? Or make the noose?

  2. When it comes time for all the executions how long will the line be to be the one to pull the tnoise? Or make the noose?

  3. Nevermind the Constitution and why they are pushing so hard for a war that will come after them the very first

  4. Anyone who believes anything Biden says is delusional! Joe Biden is a historically know LIAR and Plagiarist, he lacks the ability to be honest and original and relies on the words and deeds of others in order to function!


    1. That has proven VERY!! VERY TRUE!!! GET HIM & The Democrats Party out of the WHITE HOUSE!!! What a Horrible disgrace they are to AMERICA!!! UNITED WE STAND!!!! AMEN!! Our Nation Under GOD!!! In God We Trust!! UNITED WE STAND!!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!!

  5. All of you sound like you have all bent over and greased up, is it short time memory or just no sand. Biden/Harris are illegally play acting in the WHITE HOUSE, rigged election Remember and NO, NO person is to be permitted to run for government office for any possession, who is believed to have mental issues making them NOT QUILIFIED and, With all the information on criminal behavior and family dealing with CHINA, that alone should have prevented Biden from running and WE DID NOT appoint Harris to V.P. A CRIMINAL DID. Your all doing just as those crooked DemocRats knew you would, in a short time except their fowl illegal sh*t. YOU ARE DOING JUST THAT, next we will not have are rights to speak, religion, defend are selves, bare arms or manufacture guns THEN CHINA WILL OWN US all because Pelosi and her corrupted gang of criminals was allowed to KEEP GOING WITH “NO” fight, WAKE UP !

  6. Biden loser, Harris loser. Maxine Waters how about you “ SHUT YOUR MOUTH” and don’t deny that you aren’t trying to incite riots. Go away ol rich lady.


  8. You can’t EXSPECT anything else from a idiot bunch thugs . all of them should be put in front of a firing squad.

  9. NO, just wrong, gonna lose more allies & ready to lose 2022?
    Bad move Joe
    When backstabbed, people turn on source.

  10. Texas it’s time to fight back grow your pair . we will join if you don’t stand up now it will be to late.

  11. This is just one more example of the stupity of this country. We had Trump that tried to do what he promised while running for President and got some of it done even having to go thru the Demorat HELL that he had in front of him. He has got to be a strong man to have succeded as much as he did. But this fool country was not happy with some one that was a man of his word, they still voted for the lying Demorats that anyone with a brain as big as a grain of salt knows can’t be truithful and honest. If the truth ever comes out we will know that the election was stolen, this probely will never happen because the P.O.S. DOJ and Supreme Crap is as rotten as the Demorat Polititans. But the only good thang is that GOD knows the truth, and they will get their just rewards for it in the end.

  12. Biden, in all his long years in government, has rarely told the truth about anything! He has a long history of lies and ‘half-truths’ (lies)! He’s well known for it. So, why would a ‘leopard’ change it’s ‘spots’ just because he’s now in the ‘president’s’ seat? There is a fact about the construction of the wall, however, that explains his ‘reversed’ action. ‘Legally’ he ‘has’ to continue, in some manner, to use appropriated funding for that purpose. When Pres Trump left office, there were funds left over for that project. By law, those funds need to be used in the manner for which they were intended!! So, actually, Biden had no choice.

  13. If China Joe really wants some prime property, they should seize SF, Seattle, and Portland Or. These areas have already turned into cess pools that are the democrat dream of utopia.

  14. What do you expect from a Fraud president
    And that land will probably be the headquarters Of the cartels so Joe can keep an eye on them making sure he gets his cut
    And we all know Joe Biden is a liar And jumps at any chance To take the credit for other people work Just looked back on his career he hasn’t really done anything for America probably one of them biggest waste of taxpayers money ever

  15. Get rid of the Judge, this is all out WAR against all Democrats. They are the ENEMY of the American people.

  16. Hopefully all of the Americas wake up ring back the hopes of a country which we can all live in.

    2024 President Trump will rebuild America as it was in his previous term. Make America great again will be back in 2024 with President Trump at the helm.
    Amen and thank God

  17. Katydid , Girl did you get that right. If your name is Biden or Clinton you can do ( anything ) with no blow back.

  18. Well what did they exspect. Joe biden is one of the biggest lier’s in Washington . Nothing he says is an absolute. If he told me it was raining ,I’d go look out the window. And you ad in the government taking something away ,thats a no brainer.

    1. PEEELOUSI Hillary Obama SANDERS are all at a tie with all the lying . and if their brains were DYNOMITE THEY WOULD NOT have enough to blow their damn nose.

  19. What a disgrace he is to the office of the President of the United States. Lie after lie and deception after deception. He is a nothing burger and his administration are anti americans. The whole bunch need to be deported. Aren’t those that commit treason in our country supposed to be punished? Oh yeah, except for the Bidens and Clintons.

  20. When will real American have enough of this BS. China Joe and the entire Democratic thieves who stole the 2020 must be held accountable for their crimes of the attempted destruction of our Country. I’m one of 18,000,000 Veterans and another 2,000,000 active duty personnel who swore an Oath to support and defend our Constitution, unlike the the ever lying, Crooked Elected Democrats that refuse to honor their Oath. They must be replaced in 2022 and the rightful President, Donald J. Trump is placed back into the White House in 2024. If BLM and Anti Fa think they are tough they’ll look like school children if they PO enough Real Americans. God Bless America.

  21. Who ever would believe a treasonous liar like this nut must have their own problems but one thing good will come of this if the repubs should suddenly develop some courage. This land was taken away from the legal owner for ONE PURPOSE. That was to build a border wall for national security. That means this treasonous lying wheeze ball has to, by law, build the wall. Rhinos get some courage and go after the traitor.

  22. Criminal Obama Judges have to go. Treasonous behavior and a coop can not be allowed to go unchecked and allowed to continue.

    1. They are going to come after everyone very soon a CHINA will also be here in the USA. These people must be cracker factory rejects no just plain out ignorant who want to raise a family in a communist COUNTRY that is what these stupid DAMOCRAPS ARE GOING TO MAKE USA INTO ANOTHER VENEZUELA COMMUNIST THAT IS WHY ALL DAMOCRAP POLITICIANS AND RINOS JUDGES ALL NEED TO BE IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD!!!

      1. Arrest Maxine Waters. She belongs in jail a long time ago when she told people to go after the Republicans no matter where they are: in restaurants, in shopping centers, in parks, in their offices, etc. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO THREATEN PEOPLE. MAXINE WATERS IS AN UGLY CRIMINAL. Now she is starting trouble in Minnesota with the trial of the police officer; again telling people to start riots if Chauvin is acquitted. MAXINE WATERS IS A CRIMINAL. You are not allowed to threaten riots in this country. Get her ugly face in jail forever.

  23. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Here is another reason Biden should have not been the president of this country and nether should V.P. Harris.


  24. We are dealing with an internal N E 0 – C 0 M t @ k e – o v e r w/o the V l 0 L E N C E of all out [email protected] Can’t [email protected] the current @dmin @ their word. Broken it many times @lready. In this specific case it sounds like the feds are using the “emminent domain” provision in the C 0 N S T l T U T l 0 N to justify a “Taking”. As per the provision, landowners are to be paid fair share or equal reparations in other ways such as drilling this rancher a really good well to water his cattle. It’s better water than that dirty, polluted river anyway. The B 0 R D E R w @ l l, though, is important and will help cretail the flood of “ill-eagles.” So this case is its own catch 22.

  25. Well we all know that most if not all politicians say one thing and then do something else, Biden has. had plenty of practice doing this though out his life as a politician

    1. I am very pleased that you did not use the term “Statesman” when writing about Uncle “Joe” junior.
      ( not knowing your age; Uncle Joe refers to Joseph Stalin one time leader of the USSR.)

  26. this would be Biden’s clone or double, Joe has been arrested @ GITMO, videotaped his confessions and done away with. what you are dealing with here is an imposter double or clone… why the dbl or clone, that’s the question to ask, and don’t quit until you have the answer…

    1. No, I suspect that Creepy Old Demented Joe does not remember back to yesterday let alone to August of last year. This is on top of him being a lying, cheating politician bought and paid for by the Red Chinese Government. There is no need for a clone/double when they already have the perfect puppet. All Joe has to do is live for two years until they can have Kamala take over in the standard bait-and-switch of the democrats. At that point, she is still eligible to run and be elected twice more, giving the demokrauts a full twelve years in power.

      1. You people in Texas do not give up one inch of land the sleazy far left. Fight for everything that you value. People from all over the country will come and fight beside you. Leave them lay in the dirt. They are like the far left. Their not legal or part of our culture. Do leave them lay beside them if they wish

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