Judge gives teacher his job back after school fired him for beliefs on transgender issues

Circuit Court Judge Jim Plowman Jr. in Loudoun County Virginia gave a gym teacher back his job through a temporary injunction after the educator was suspended for standing up for his beliefs on transgenderism, according to The Hill.

Leesburg Elementary teacher Tanner Cross lost his position in May after he refused to use a student’s preferred pronouns due to his own convictions.

Cross’s actions were in violation of Leesburg Elementary’s new policy that allows children to ask to use whatever pronouns they believed themselves to be, which according to Cross, violated his belief on gender.

According to a report in The Loudoun Times-Mirror Plowman handed down his opinion on Tuesday that reinstated Cross after a three-hour hearing on Friday.

“The court finds that the plaintiff’s speech and religious continent are central to the determination made by the defendants to suspend plaintiff’s employment,” Plowman wrote in his opinion.

Cross was clear during the school board meeting where the rule was introduced that he would not participate in the amended policy, citing his own faith as the reason:

“I love all of my students, but I will never lie to them regardless of consequences,” Cross said during the meeting, the Times-Mirror reported.

Cross is being defended by the group Alliance Defending Freedom who secured the ruling which will protect Cross’s job until Dec. 31 of this year.

The Virginia teacher is just one of a growing number of Christians and conservatives whose beliefs are being violated by the implementation of progressive ideology. In the case of Cross, his rights were violated when the school attempted to compel his speech, something that would be a constitutional violation.