Judge blocks attempt by Christian college to ban biological males from women’s dorms

A ruling from a federal judge in Missouri Wednesday threatens to endanger the rights of Americans by opening the door for individuals of the opposite biological sex to force access to single-gender dormitories and bathroom facilities at a Christian institution of higher education, as the Daily Caller reports.

The decision from U.S. District Judge Roseann Ketchmark came in a case filed by the College of the Ozarks, a Christian college that had challenged an announcement from the Biden administration earlier this year that it would “administer and enforce the Fair Housing Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity,” a move the school argued would require private, religiously-affiliated schools to put biological males in women’s dorms.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, Judge Ketchmark denied the college a temporary restraining order as well as a preliminary injunction in the matter, reinforcing the notion that that any attempts by the school to thwart implementation of the Housing and Urban Development directive could indeed lead to liability and enforcement actions.

Julie Blake, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) – an advocacy organization that filed suit on the college’s behalf – said with regard to the administration mandate, “There is no doubt that this is creating serious consequences,” adding that the directive amounted to an enforceable “rule change” and that “the college need not wait for an actual prosecution or enforcement action before challenging a law’s constitutionality.”

Blake further argued that if the school failed to comply with the rule and refused to house biological males with female students, it would be subjected to “serious fines and penalties and potential liability,” as the News-Leader further noted.

An attorney representing the federal government countered by stating that the memorandum at issue was “not directed at the college and does not specifically address the kinds of issues the college has raised here – showers, or roommates,” and that there has been no complaint against the school pending with HUD nor an immediate danger of one.

As such, the lawyer claimed, “The plaintiffs can’t establish either irreparable harm or the likelihood of success necessary to sustain a preliminary injunction.” Another attorney arguing on behalf of the government added, “We recognize the college may have strongly held beliefs. Nothing that the government has done…should be taken to suggest a lack of respect for the college’s religious beliefs but at this juncture, this is a purely one-sided dispute.”

Judge Ketchmark apparently agreed, leading Blake to declare after the decision, “The Biden administration’s overreach continues to victimize women, girls and people of faith by gutting their legal protections, and it must be stopped,” as the Daily Caller noted.

Though Wednesday’s outcome represents a setback for the Christian college, administrators suggested an appeal is in the offing, with chief communications officer Valerie Coleman saying, “While we are disappointed in today’s ruling, we expect to appeal so that schools are not forced to open girls’ dorms to male and violate their religious beliefs. We will continue to fight.”

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  1. I hope the college sues the pants off of the judge and all those like her/him. Why would that judge want to go after such a wholesome, upstanding college? She must hate America too. Is she white or black.

  2. U.S. District Judge Roseann Ketchmark is a DINGBAT. Appointed by Obama (surprise) and totally IRRATIONAL.

    We have FAR TOO MANY NUT JOBS, like Ketcmark, in our Judiciary – Federal, State and Local!

  3. As all are responding to, the judge ruled in favor of non-discriminatory and the rights …. What about the rights of the women? I’d say this is clearly discriminating against women in that they will be forced to cohabit with non-women. The real effect of this is the closing of colleges and universities because women will ultimately choose not to be forced to live with trans individuals. Give them their own space and leave others alone. It’s also an attack on Christian values which is on the present docket.
    Please, everyone, stand up loud and strong for the preservation of our country.

  4. I am personally acquainted with The College of the Ozarks. They are one of the most Christian schools in the country and for this judge to say that boys can go into girls showers and be roommates is beyond absurd. She must be up in the night. No one, except perverts, wants men in the womens showers and bedrooms. Get a life judge.

    1. Google and GARBAGE are both spelled starting with the letter “G”…recaptcha is GARBAGE…. Demand your law makers break up big tech and start with making algorithmic or artificial intelligence (AI) censoring on any US web site illegal…with heavy fines and jail for the site decision makers…

    1. Folks it is time in America where we must think about revolting. The Democrats are Evil strictly by their actions.

    2. Complain by email or in writing to your elected officials immediately and demand this judge be disbarred immediately. This happened in NC with the dem governor down there and within a week some “conversion job” was arrested videoing women in a ladies’ room.

  5. I hope no one ever sees one of these perverts where they don’t belong……..They will regret their perverted choice…….seems to be leftist scum every where.

    1. Parents can do a lot….they can also pull their student out of the college and look for another that fits their needs; however, this is a Christian College; it is violating the Human Rights of the people by forcing this upon women….
      People need to hunker down and take this President out…a good law suit that he is violating our human rights would be a place to start.

  6. Yes definitely fight fight and fight some more! These people should not be able to get in the women’s dorms. They aren’t women and looking at their own body should be able to definitely tell them that they are not women!! Same should be for women wanting to get into the space designed for men. Keep them OUT OUT OUT!!!!

  7. I keep telling the people of this Country that the Polititans and Judges are the lowest form of scum on this planet . They will do anything to destroy Christianity and take away the rights of the people of this Great Nation. They are all Communist and want to control ever thing that we can do in our daily lives but the stupid idiots voters keep voting them in it is a sad thing when this Country has that many dumb citizens an illegials voting. One day very soon GOD is coming back and will strighten out the mess we are in. Pray on the end is near and it won’t be too soon, AMEN.!!!!!

  8. Sofia – we do NOT give a darn and frankly do NOT believe you…GET OFF THESE SITES!!! You are a pain in the butt…and you are NO getting any “followers”!!!!

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