Journalist: Biden ‘gender equity’ plan to end cash bail puts rapists on the street

The Biden administration recently released a plan to bolster gender equity across the country by, in part, ending cash bail even for those accused of violent crime, a move that investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield argues will result in letting rapists loose on the streets.

As Fox News has reported, the administration’s push to eliminate cash bail and “reform our pretrial system” comes at a time when cities nationwide have seen spikes in violent crime, yet proponents of the plan assert the need to recognize “the harm these processes cause, particularly for Black women and families.”

The plan was detailed in a report from the White House Gender Policy Council entitled the National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, and an accompanying letter from Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris stated that the country has “never fully lived up to” the notion that “every one of us is equal in dignity and deserves to be treated equally.”

In attempting to remedy that supposed deficiency, the letter goes on, “this strategy outlines an ambitious agenda for this administration and those to come – roadmap to help our nation close pernicious gender gaps and propel us toward a world with equal opportunity for all people.”

In a piece written for FrontPage Magazine assailing Biden’s plan, Greenfield describes the case of Frankie Harris, a 38-year-old violent criminal in New York who had been released from custody without bail after committing two prior attacks, only to rape and strangle a 64-year-old victim in Harlem, an encounter he later claimed was “consensual.”

Greenfield continues, articulating more broadly the way in which far-left initiatives aimed at ending cash bail have prompted a crime wave that has in fact had a disproportionately negative effect on women and assailing the propensity of so-called criminal justice reform platforms and Soros-funded district attorneys to advocate for that change.

The author further points out the apparent irony of Biden – himself accused of sexual misconduct in the past – now claiming that he wants to help women achieve some sort of “equity” by allowing rapists and other violent offenders back on the streets by eradicating cash bail.

As Greenfield also notes, as the push for bail reform gained steam in liberal areas across the country back in 2020 when Harris herself was urging donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund – an entity designed to bail out criminals – black women were statistically the only group that suffered an increase in the number of rapes.

Precisely how sending more violent criminals back onto the street to re-offend will further the cause of gender equity is something that escapes most clear-minded observers, but considering that the politicians engineering these policies rarely live in the communities where their effects are actually felt, perhaps it isn’t so surprising after all.