Josh Hawley calls on Biden to resign: ‘If he can’t do the job, he should step down now’

With Americans finding it more and more difficult to pay for everyday necessities amid surging inflation, a top Republican senator has a message for President Joe Biden: Do your job, or step down.

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley’s comments to Fox News came after Bureau of Labor Statistic figures released Friday showed that inflation hit a 40-year high in May.

“The consumer price index, a wide-ranging measure of goods and services prices, increased” 8.6 percent compared to last May, CNBC reported, adding that “surging shelter, gasoline and food prices all contributed to the increase.”

Responding to the grim report, Hawley said Biden’s policies are to blame.

“Joe Biden’s war on American families continues. His policies have pushed inflation to generational highs, and he still won’t take any responsibility,” the Missouri Republican said.

“If he can’t do the job, he should step down now.”

Hawley expressed similar sentiments in a tweet responding to the 8.6 percent CPI surge.

“Wow – inflation off the charts. Joe Biden’s destruction of the middle class continues,” he wrote.

Hawley was far from the Republican leader to argue that Biden’s economic policies have failed Americans.

House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California said Democrats are just making the situation worse.

“Today’s report is concerning because it signals another painful month for American workers, families, and small businesses and shows that Democrat policies continue to push things to get worse even faster,” he told Fox on Friday.

House GOP Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York said the inflation report “is just the latest example of how one-party Far Left rule in Washington has failed the American people.

“Our skyrocketing inflation, historic gas prices, baby formula shortage, border crisis, and surging violent crime are the issues impacting Americans every day,” Stefanik told Fox.

“House Republicans will address these crises when we earn back control of the House this November,” she added.