Jonathan Bush, brother of former President George H.W. Bush, dies at 89

Sad news emerged from Florida on Thursday with the announcement of the death of Jonathan Bush, brother to former President George H.W. Bush and uncle to 43rd President George W. Bush, as the Daily Caller reported.

According to the George & Barbara Bush Foundation, Jonathan Bush died on Wednesday at his Jupiter, Florida home, just one day before he would have celebrated his 90th birthday. The foundation issued a statement calling Bush “a fine gentleman and a noble soul,” as the New York Post noted, and remembered him as “a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and brother.”

Born in 1931, Bush was the fourth and only remaining living child of Connecticut Sen. Prescott and Dorothy Walker Bush. He spent his career working in a number of capacities, including as an investment adviser, banker, and political fundraiser for the presidential campaigns of nephew George W. Bush, according to the Daily Caller.

Jonathan Bush was the father of media personality Billy Bush, who was embroiled in controversy related to the infamous Access Hollywood chat with Donald Trump that was caught on tape prior to his successful presidential campaign, as the Post added.

Billy Bush paid tribute to his father on Instagram Thursday with a photo of his parents together with a touching caption that read, “There goes the greatest man I’ll ever know. Happy 90th dad and thanks for this great life and being the best dad ever.”

Also revealing that he was present for his father’s passing, Bush added, “I watched you leave this earth and I know exactly where you are now. It makes me happy. I feel blessed. The legend will never fade.”


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The thoughts and prayers of an entire nation go out to the Bush family as they mourn the loss of another beloved member from its storied ranks.

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