John Cornyn charges Kamala Harris with flippant response to border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris’ reaction to a reporter asking her if she planned on visiting the southern U.S. border didn’t make for great optics, as she laughed off the question and essentially went about her day.

According to Fox News, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) didn’t think the question was funny and slammed Harris, along with Presiden Joe Biden, for their seemingly lackluster response to the growing crisis, saying that the situation unfolding at the border is “no laughing matter.”

Harris’ cackling moment immediately went viral as she was absolutely blasted on social media for bizarre reaction to the reporter’s valid question. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) posted a clip of her bad-optics moment on Twitter.

In an interview with the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” Cornyn made clear that not only is the crisis very much not something to laugh at, but he also expressed a genuine hope that Harris and Biden will visit the border soon, even extending a personal invitation to accompany them.

“It is no laughing matter, and I wish the vice president and president would come to the border, I’ll be glad to welcome them there to learn what I’ve learned, talking to the experts, the Border Patrol, Health and Human Services, as well as the local officials and stakeholders who are bearing the burden of this open border policy of this administration,” the Texas senator said.

Cornyn went on to explain that he, along with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will soon be taking a group of 13 Senate colleagues on a trip to the border to gain first-hand knowledge of just how bad conditions are becoming.

He added that in his observations as a Texas congressman and conversations with members of U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, it’s clear at this point that the influx is so intense that it’s virtually impossible to build enough facilities to house all of illegal immigrants pouring across the border on a daily basis.

Any logical person knows that Harris and Biden taking a trip to the border won’t have an immediate effect on the situation or do anything to fix it, but it would at least send a message to the American people that the current administration is genuinely concerned about what’s happening. It seems like an easy, quick fix to tamp down some of the brewing controversy surrounding the issue.