Joe Manchin says he will not support Pelosi-backed H.R. 1 election overhaul bill

Fulfilling his reputation as the perennial spoiler of blatant Democrat Party power grabs, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has declared that he will not support the upper chamber’s version of the H.R. 1 election overhaul bill, in what represents a serious blow to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), an ardent champion of the legislation since its introduction.

Manchin made clear that he “would not be able to support” the massive election reform package, which the House passed in party-line fashion back in early March, as the Washington Examiner explained. At the time, Pelosi hyperbolically likened the process of pushing the legislation to the finish line in the lower chamber to “what it must have felt like at Valley Forge,” as Politico noted.

Without the West Virginia senator on board, however, the only viable avenues for the bill’s passage in the Senate involve Democrats persuading 10 Republicans to defect to their side – a highly unlikely proposition – or endeavoring to eliminate filibuster procedural rules, something Manchin opposes.

The senator has, however, gone to great lengths to emphasize that while he is not willing to back Pelosi’s far-reaching bill that would result in the creation of a nationwide, automatic voter registration process, permit felons to vote, and force states to facilitate no-excuse absentee voting, among numerous other highly controversial outcomes, he does support certain ideas contained within the legislation.

Manchin said, according to the Examiner, “Every vote should be accessible, it should be secure, and it should be fair. That’s the responsibility we have, and [if] the states are subverting that, then we should put guard rails on it.”

He has also expressed his opposition to passage of such sweeping legislation on the basis of a party-line vote, stating, “How in the world could you, with the tension we have right now, allow a voting bill to restructure the voting of America on a partisan line? I just believe with all my heart and soul that’s what would happen, and I’m not going to be a part of it.”

Many of the concerns voiced by Manchin have been amplified in much starker terms by Republicans, with Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) asserting in March that the law “won’t make our elections safer, instead it will give House Democrats an advantage in future elections by eliminating nearly every guardrail that preserves the sanctity of the ballot box today,” adding that “Pelosi is opening the floodgates for almost anyone to submit a ballot, or even multiple ballots, regardless of eligibility.”

GOP consultant and election law attorney Mark Weaver put things in even more dramatic terms, declaring, “H.R. 1 is an attempt to use the Democrats’ slim majority to unlevel the playing field and take away the rights of roughly half of the voters in the country.”

Though Sen. Manchin regularly shows himself to be a principled advocate for the interests of his Mountain State constituency, there can be no doubt that he also faces intense pressure from D.C. Democrats to fall in line. Whether he is able to hold fast to his beliefs and withhold support for this legislative monstrosity, only time will tell.

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  1. The bill would be thrown out by the SCOTUS The Constitution gives the rights to regulate their own voting. SO Nancy write an Amendment to the Constitution and see how far that goes. Just because your a drunk power hunger witch that a person who’s brain is pickled by vodka

  2. Mr. Joseph Manchin
    Your Non-partisan voting response to H.R. 1 is a powerful blow to the strong partisan lockstep voting on recent issues. So proud, So proud, So proud to see you support common sense in protecting the rights of citizens. Without YOU this country would no longer be the USA that our constitution created. You alone may have made the strongest movement towards reclaiming the powers necessary to combat the overthrow of our constitution. Seventy five million citizens, to say the least, have been uplifted in their concerns for our potential loss of “for the people, by the people” governance.

  3. Joe Manchin is good for strong and stick to your insides you will made a great man.

  4. Thank you to the Senator of this great state of Wv please stay true to who you are a god fearing and faithful man of the wild and wonderful Wv don’t let DC pull you under

  5. Headlines were a bit confusing I read the word Blow I was sure it was a tory about Harris.

  6. Are there no other democrats with principles?
    The people of West Virginia will not put up with this type of BS from Nancy!
    Thank you Senator hold the line

  7. Joe Manchin is probably the smartest Democrat they have up there in Washington, much smarter than Pelosi thinks she is. I sure wish Mr. Manchin would run for president! It is time the Democrats got someone in office with some common sense!

  8. Felons have to pay taxes so they should have the right to vote. If they lose the right to vote then they should not have the right to be forced to pay taxes.

  9. What’s wrong with requiring voter id, proof of qualification for an absentee ballot, election day only voting and no mail in ballot voting? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that’s the way it should be done and no other way. There is no way this would be voter suppression it would be voter security making sure every vote is legal.

  10. I would not trust Manchin or the rinos in the Senate. Leave it to Romney, Murkowsky, Collins, Portman, and a few other possible turncoats to blow it!

  11. Thank you Mr. Joe Manchin an honest Polititian, just when I though there was no honest Polititan left. Its a breath of fresh air to find there is one that is trying to help this Great Country survive again thanks.

    1. Amen!! This country needs more politicians that have a conscience!!! As a republican, hats off to him!!!

  12. In this crooked and preverse time, it is difficult to maintain any form to maintain our ethics, you are protrayed in so many negative sterotypes to undermine your position and miss-protrayed as being racial or a idiot. It takes a strong person with strong ethics to whether those attacks on our character. Our convictions need to be more important than our political ambitions.

  13. Maybe Joe Manchin needs to change political parties. I am sure that he would be very welcome in the GOP. Leo Terrell made the transition, and he has been welcomed.

  14. Thank you Mr. Manchin, please stay diligent in sticking to what you believe. I don’t care what side anyone is on, it should be the side of the people. Please continue to think of the people, that’s what the elective people are suppose to do.

    1. I personally want to say thank you to Mr.Manchin because you have great strength to say no, to be strong for your beliefs! It takes alot of conviction to stand up to Nancy!

  15. Boy Nancy when they said you were the MOST DISLIKED SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE EVER I didn’t think it also included some of your own party!! Is that why you drink so much???

      1. That goes double for Waters, Schiff and Nadler! It is time all these lying POSs get out of politics.

        1. Absolutely! There are dozens more just like them. Thanks Joe, stick to your beliefs and don’t let them wear you down.

  16. I hope that this bill fails and that it sends a message to Pelosi, it is past time for her to retire

    1. If H.R.-1 becomes law, it’s a win-win set-up for a one-party rule the next 100 years!

      1. Unfortunately it won’t take that long. The people will rise up and revolt rather than submit to dictatorial rule.

    2. She needed to retire twenty years ago. We need term limits…this would get rid of the swamp dwellers.

    3. Pelosi has been in the House. WAY TOO LONG. She doesn’t care to better America. Traitor wants to give us to China!!!

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