Joe Manchin may be leaving the Democratic Party amid tensions

According to a report from The New York Post, centric Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is allegedly considering a departure from the Democratic Party. 

The Post’s report stated that the longtime Democrat from West i is contemplating the possibility of becoming an Independent if President Joe Biden doesn’t back away from the huge price tag on their spending bill. 

Manchin has been championing the cause to force his fellow Democrats to winnow down the whopping spending bill, saying it needs to be cut down to, at most, $1.75 trillion for him to sign onto it. 

Because of the Democrats’ technical majority in the Senate, with only 48 Democrats and two Independents, they need every single one of those votes to get the bill past the actual majority of 50 Republicans in the upper chamber of Congress. 

The publication stated that Manchin has told associates that he has made an exit strategy, according to Mother Jones report on Wednesday, where they cited individuals who heard the senator talking about the possibility of leaving his party. 

Just after that report was released a reporter questioned Manchin about the possibility off-camera, and while the Senator didn’t immediately deny the claims, he just said he had “no control” over rumors. but later called the report “bulls–t.” 

Shortly after the report emerged, Manchin was pressed by reporters on the Hill off camera on its allegations. While initially the senator did not deny the claims and said he had “no control” over the rumors, Manchin called the report “bulls–t.” 

“The story’s bulls–t?” one reporter asked to clarify. “It’s bulls–t,” Manchin repeated, without further clarification as to the validity of the report. 

The most pressing question, if the report turns out to be true, is whether the senator would look to caucus with Democrats, like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) or if he would switch all the way to Republican, which would make a substantial change in the makeup of the Senate, giving the actual and ruling majority to Republicans.