Joe Biden’s sex assault accuser attacked by liberal magazine – then they retract it

A major liberal magazine just smeared Tara Reade, a former Joe Biden staffer who has accused him of sexual assault, as one of the “Top Ten Lunatics of 2020.”

After an outcry, the publication removed her from the list, but the damage has been done. Anyone who believes that Democrats really “believe all women,” is delusional.

Fox reports:

Reade went public last year with her claim that Biden assaulted her when she served as a staffer in his Senate office in 1993. She had previously come forward with seven other women in April 2019, accusing the future Democratic nominee of inappropriate touching. Reade’s claims were largely ignored by the mainstream media and didn’t prevent Biden from winning the presidential election, but Mother Jones political blogger Kevin Drum didn’t forget about her.

“Tara Reade. Remember her? She insisted that Joe Biden had sexually molested her in some way, but in the end it turned out to be just a fantasy made up by a habitual con artist,” Drum wrote to describe the No. 7 person on his list.

Drum’s slander was rightly pilloried on Twitter:

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  1. Typical scumbag democraps, but Tara Reís should sue the school that sealed the records and this publication. Democraps would have sue you if it was the other way around

  2. No surprise there! The msm doesn’t want to hear about ANY accusations against the demonrats! And anyone who has watched “ feely
    Biden” around little girls knows he clearly exhibits perversion! Disgusting behaviour towards little girls! As a molestation survivor, I know the signs when I see them! Tara Reade should sue every one who writes crap about her. If she were accusing a Republican, there would be no end to the outcry, but since it is Biden, SHE is the bad guy! The me too movement has died in the vine, never really backed anyone who is a survivor!

  3. So many selling their souls for this is a God who sees all the liars and supporters of evil.Hell is real and all not repent of their sins will go there..Jesus is waiting for you to repent

  4. If that was Trump they would blab it for 4 years+. But with dirty old Joe they want to keep covering it up. Time for some in depth investigation then prosecution!

    1. Lets face it , no one who is a demonocrat is never going to be prosecuted by a human court ! But they will have to stand before the the Lord God Almighty on their judgement day and answer for their sins ! And it’s not going to be pretty ! ! God has our back even if the man who would be president doesn’t give a flip for any conservative be they Republicans or demonocrats ! I know who I would rather have watching my back and it sure isn’t joe bloody biden !

  5. The evil bought and paid for democrat stooge da Chinese big guy sold his soul to Satan to get where he is and what he’s got and he excited to get to hell cause he believes Lusifer has some big rewards for him when he arrives in hell! After all selling his country out, lying, cheating our election, and killing millions of defenseless innocent babies are but a few of his evil satanic acts! A creep of the highest order!

  6. If it walks and quacks like a duck it must be a duck once a pervert always a pervert and BIDEN IS A PERVERT and I would say GUILTY OF READ’S ACCUSATION !!

  7. Our life is an open book before our creator. These low life’s will reap what they sow. All they can see is $ signs, and are & are near sighted. It will be too late when they stand before the Lord, the judge of all men, for selling their souls for a mess of pottage.

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