Joe Biden’s appeasing of the far left is coming back to haunt him

Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination under false pretenses. Now, he has to pay the piper.

After flirting with the far left “defund the police” movement during his campaign, Biden would no doubt wish to be rid of their toxic and unpopular platform. But the Devil’s bargain that Biden made means that he’ll have trouble disassociating himself.

Fox reports:

Supporters of defunding the police say they are “not going away” just because Joe Biden will be the next president.

Activists said local efforts to reduce municipal police budgets would continue and Biden should expect to feel pressure throughout his presidency.

“The demand is still to defund the police,” [leftist activist] Ritchie said. “And it’s gonna get louder and louder. And I don’t know that we even need to be the inside. They’re gonna hear it either way.”

The problem for Biden is that “defund the police” is so unpopular that it could sink Biden’s presidency. So he’s caught between a rock and a hard place.
As Fox notes, “House Democrats had expected to expand their majority but instead saw it drastically shrink after the 2020 election despite Biden’s defeat of President Trump. Some blamed their poor showing on the defund movement. House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., called it left-wing “foolishness” that hurt more moderate members, and Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, said it “hurt a lot of our candidates.”
Betray the left or lose the country? Biden has to be sweating.

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  1. Screw him, get on with making America the least respected country in the world. U started it now don’t U wish U could go to caomfortabe=le incarceration with the rest of yr family?

  2. If every politician was held accountable for lying to the American people we would actually see our Government is no better than Russia and the KBG. The CIA was the original manufacturer of the media misinformation unconventional warfare that they blame on Russia every time they open their lying mouths…

  3. He would make America a puppet of china. He would make Americans servants of a communist master. We need to do everything possible to stop him from destroying our Country. Even if means a revolution or civil war.

  4. If Biden is, in fact, installed as the LEGAL President, the people are going to REAP exactly what they voted for. If would be different if only those who voted for Biden were the only ones to suffer under his and his so-called teams polices. But, the whole nation is going to suffer. Shame on the DEMS—-the evil of the land !

    1. O’Biden wasn’t voted for legally he was declared President-elect by the main stream media, that are following the Hitler era propaganda agenda.

  5. If Biden is installed in the White House we will never have another election. His plan to give 20 million illegals citizenship and voting rights will ensure that. The voting machines were the same that were used to give the election to the dictator in Venezuela. And these same machines keep him in office no matter what the people want. Pelosi once said that elections were too important to let the citizens decide who was elected.

  6. We will ALL be in a world of hurt if o’biden is allowed to steal this election! Too much evidence is piling up to be ignored. This election was rigged even before Trump won in 2016. Obutthead had it rigged for killary, but Trump outsmarted him🤭, and Obutthead almighty can’t stand it! Now he is out there spouting his racist, anti-American, anti-Christian crap to any fool who will listen. People like dimwit Colbert help him. That guy needs to be off the air! Yet he won an Emmy? Who bought that? Same ones who bought obuttheads Nobel prize for doing NOTHING! Come on people, open your eyes, this sham has gone on long enough! Do a re vote, only in person voting with paper ballots and voter I.d. That is valid! Monitor the ballot counting closely, and verify EVERY signature! Clearly President Trump would win by a landslide.

  7. Anyone with an average IQ can see the election was rigged. Biden gets more votes from Blacks in Black districts than Obama did? Come on Man!
    Dominion election machines were programmed to switch votes from Trump to Biden. Why did Dominion close shop in a panic, destroying records and people disappearing who were running Dominion machines?
    Dead people voted. Districts had more votes than were registered to vote.
    Military ballots were thrown out.
    Ballot stuffing or ballot box stuffing is a form of electoral fraud in which a greater number of ballots are cast than the number of people who legitimately voted. Happened all over the country.
    Perhaps the largest part of the fraud is the media’s refusal to report it.
    Tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google) refused to allow free speech on their websites. Monitored, censored and kicked people off their networks.
    There is no doubt, Trump won the election by a landslide. The crooked democrats are trying to steal it.

  8. BLM and Antifa tell Biden/Harris, “you can’t change your mind now and not defund the police”. You promised you would do that before the elections and you damn sure better honor your promise. They’re not going to stand by idly and watch democrats bring in the old Obama gang and reap all the profits.

  9. Thanks to the ignorant demarats for trying to destroy our country. If Biden makes it to the Whitehouse we can all bend over and kiss our butts good by. God help us all. Don’t you think it is time for us to get some backbone?

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