Joe Biden signs executive order that has ramifications for Hunter Biden investigation

Joe Biden just signed an executive order that could have serious implications for the Hunter Biden investigation.

The Washington Examiner reports:

An executive order from President Biden instructs all his appointees to sign a pledge to refrain from “improper interference” with any prosecutorial or investigative decisions at the Justice Department.

The new directive comes after Biden selected Judge Merrick Garland to be his nominee for attorney general and as Biden’s son, Hunter, is under a federal criminal investigation. There is also a criminal inquiry into the Trump-Russia investigation being conducted by special counsel John Durham.

Pledge or no, there is significant reason to be concerned about the Biden administration interfering in the investigation. The extreme politicization of the Obama administration was where Biden cut his teeth.

Not only that, but Biden has been violently opposed to any suggestion of improper dealings by Hunter.

As the Examiner notes:

“Biden talked about the investigation into his son during a December interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, when the host asked the former vice president what he will do about people who want to “use your adult son as a cudgel against you.”

“I have, we have, great confidence in our son,” Biden replied, adding, “I’m not concerned about any accusations that have been made against him.” Biden claimed that “it’s used to get to me” and “I think it’s kind of foul play.”

Biden said: “Don’t get me wrong, doesn’t mean I’m not angry — doesn’t mean I wasn’t angry, and it doesn’t mean if I were back in the days in high school I wouldn’t say, ‘Come here,’ you know, and go a round.”

How’s that for fake bravado?

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    1. The Democrat’s ruined California and expected the American taxpayer to bail CA out, after the Democrat’s ruin the United States of America who do they expect to bail our nation out China, I don’t think so.

        1. Barrack has already accomplished that, we were giving oil to China and paying premium prices in the Middle East

        1. It’s not just Biden, It’s seems to be every top dem. Don’t forget Harris’s husband is in with Hunter.

    2. The whole DemonRatPack is full of Crap. Quid Pro Quo Joe, Did get the Ukraine Gov to fire those that was investigating his son Hunter, Or no Billion. and SOB, they fired him. and as Potus, he can make sure they leave the Biden Crime Family alone.

  1. I’ve been depressed ever since Biden’s inauguration !.! Now he’s trying to reduce all of our progress under Trump and it’s going to cost our Nation millions of dollars again ! !! When will it ever stop ? ?

        1. Jan, that was being said about Past President Trumps during his administration!
          When do we stop name calling and think of more responsible reaction, with facts, instead of empty, accusation?🌴👮🏻‍♂️

    1. It will stop when Jesus comes back. We have evil in the White House. Satan will be running our country now. Pay Day is Coming.Amen

      1. Charlotte, I am a History buff and a well studied KJV Bible Veteran. This whole scenario is recorded in the book of Rev., for all to read… if we have the Holy Spirit. Satan is already ruling the entire inhabited earth, as we real Christians are to wait patiently for the “Son” to return to Rapture us before the ‘stink hits the fan,’ and we believe very soon! Right now we should be trying hard to share the Gospel with everyone we can, as the angels do the ‘separating work.’ So, we need to be brave, and ready to die for our Lord and Savior, if need be. I was a Soldier in Vietnam: 68-70, and now I am a Soldier of Jesus Christ. My Blog: TOM’S LOGIC JOURNAL. I am blessed to be a happily married, retired, man. Contact me if you like for more Info.

    2. I am also deeply depressed for the first time in my life. I stopped watching TV because I cannot bear to see those ugly and corrupted faces. I only read the headlines online and the comments, waiting to see if Trump reappears and brings us some hope.

      1. He is an illegitimate president, without a doubt. He should be removed now before he disgraces his country and himself – he is already shown how stupid and crooked he is. We need a revolution already- the Dems are already showing how devious this administration is going to be. US will be the laughing stock and China shills- what a total disgrace to our country/ would like the military to just remove hon to a sanitarium.




  3. What a delusional person Biden is. Also, an enabler for his family to get away with their crimes. If it was any other person they’d lock them up and throw away the key. It’s just not right! Nope not right at all!! 💩☹😡🤬The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

  4. Did you think daddy would let anything happen to the crack head,total political corruption and this is just beginning,stay tuned to the china connection!

  5. Corruption in action. NO one will continue to investigate Hunter. Was Hunter illegitimate kid at the party?? Does he support that kid?? Biden corrupt family???

  6. The only way to handle this is to demand a unbiased Grand Jury be convened to hear the case and make recommendations for further action. The last thing I want to be is like the Democrats who want to impeach the president without a trial, evidence or legal representation. We are better then that and a process needs to be followed, legally, methodically and professionally.

  7. Don’t worry folks. The Democrats, emboldened by their successful voter fraud campaign in the Presidential race and the two Georgia Senate races will no doubt learn what happens when you take your perverted beliefs and run head on into reality. We must get a constitutional amendment for term limits for all public office holders, including judges. We also must get a balanced budget amendment that would require whoever is in power to balance their budgets.

    1. Also, we need a uniform law from all 50 states that require voter ID, if you are voting for a national office holder.

  8. I am the same with all that’s going on with this guy in office he has no clue what he is doing except doing what pelosi,the rest of the clowns tell him to do. It gets worse before better.these people are full of hate ,evil and have no souls.i just hope the Republicans wake up because the rest of us all very much awake ,watching everything and its pathetic, sad.

  9. Joe Biden has got to be worst SOB to be put in office as President. I didn’t say elected. Had to be bunch of DA’s that wanted this SOB.

  10. Old joe Biden doesn’t know where the back of the school is he him self damaged his son hunter for money?what kind of human being is joe Biden I can tell you a lousy crook with not much brain power in his head let’s hope this all ends quick best of luck crazy joe

  11. Making his people sign a pledge????How much more proof do we need that there is something very stinky going on. I do hope that there is someone in charge that has a backbone and is willing to uphold their oath of office and call out the lies and deceptions of the democratic party. I am sure that is not going to happen, but we can hope. Biden is a crook and a liar. He needs to be brought to justice along with all those that have covered for him.

  12. Joe Biden is head of the Biden Crime Family Syndicate raking in millions of dollars more than any Mafia Family EVER! The DEEP STATE controlled media is complicit in putting this criminal in the white house!

  13. Oh! They will find away around it or make things disappear. Pervert joe is a criminal himself.Impeach pervert joe.

  14. Like in the valiant movie so poignantly displayed in “twelve years a slave.” The two women are having tea and one is called back to her sick master n plantation of horror. This much evil and hate shall bring forth such retribution that these monsters shall be wiped out by the Light.Hate destroys itself and hides in darkness. Be Americans. We are born free. We want truth and justice for all. Abortion is not women’s right but murder. It is death to life. All life is sacred. Woe Betide, we are gonna be in for a helluva ride.

  15. I want to know why the highest court in the land is just sitting back and let these TRAITORS get away with some of the most evil and unconstitutional laws?? If course I’m talking about the Supreme Court. I hold you Judges responsible for this outright display of hatred ever to exist. They are getting nothing accomplished by running an Impeachment against President Trump. They wasted tax money on the 1st one and found nothing. Move on or impeach President Biden since we all are aware of his acceptance of foreign money given to him and his son by an enemy of the United States. At this moment in time I believe our government is so corrupt and that it runs deep that many Americans do not trust any thing done in DC. Even the Supreme Court appears to be corrupt!

  16. Joe Biden and his whole family are “POS”.
    This country no longer has the BALLS to indict or convict any DEMORAT!
    The DEMORATS can’t win any election fair and square, they have found a perfect way to cheat in any election anywhere!

  17. Biden is more worried about his own connection with the dirty money than he most likely is about his bad bad son. Typical dem…Gotta hide the truth and flip the script

  18. Very dark time for our country, and @We the People”. How long are we going to let this happen to us?! MSM, big tech, radical left, they’re trying to take every right away from us. Yes, Covid will get worse…millions of immigrants are going to come over illegally through the borders because Biden is in office!! There goes our jobs, taxes go up to pay for all of the “free stuff”!! It’s been 3 days in office, and look what all he has destroyed! Keystone pipeline shutdown the first day!! The pipeline unions endorsed Biden!! Yes, days are very dark, and getting darker!! Somebody stand up and take charge, please!!!

  19. As soon as I heard that Biden won I knew this would happen thanks for not disappointing me Dementia Joe!! 😠😠

  20. this is disgusting. but of course biden is a retard and only wants money dirty money. he and his son r crooks. oh so chummy with china. well everyday we wont have anything good to say abt these demos. now its our turn to torture mentally like they tortured pres trump. i dont think any of them r too strong to take it. they will crack. biden and harris what a combo i cld throw up. now harris husband in tight with biden and his son. he must be getting plenty of money also. every republican can stand to tell biden and harris how they r disliked everyday like they did to pres trump. also whats with the dr.jill biden. she is not a dr at all just a teacher even that they lie abt it.

  21. The demon horde has taken over the White house again( was there with the Obamas), now it has permeated our congress and senate as well, along with scotus. We have a battle on our hands between good and evil, pray that good wins in the end! We are not battling people, we are battling powers and principalities we can’t see. Pray diligently, daily for God’s grace and mercy to carry us through. Without God, we have no one to turn to.

  22. Biden is out to kill our nation as we know it. He is killing jobs in our country and bringing in illegals to take low aying jobs away from American citizens. Who is going to pay to support all these illegals coming toward out country? Not Biden. Not is rich tec company billionaires. You got it. You are! The American tax payer.

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