Joe Biden reverses course, is 100% in favor of vaccine now

After casting doubt on vaccines manufactured during the Trump administration, Joe Biden has done a surprising about-face.

“It’s important those who are under the greatest need get it,” Biden said. “I wouldn’t hesitate to get the vaccine. But I also want to set an example. But I wouldn’t hesitate to get the vaccine if, in fact, Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and these two organizations, whether it is Moderna or Pfizer who have been extremely responsible, conclude that it is safe and able to be done.”

No doubt Joe sees the opportunity to get credit for a process that he had no part in. And there’s no doubt that the media will try to steal the credit from President Trump, who’s “Warp Speed” project supported much of the vaccine development.

President Trump hasn’t forgotten though:

Biden’s about-face is a notable departure from his earlier rhetoric on the vaccine issue.