Joe Biden reverses course, is 100% in favor of vaccine now

After casting doubt on vaccines manufactured during the Trump administration, Joe Biden has done a surprising about-face.

“It’s important those who are under the greatest need get it,” Biden said. “I wouldn’t hesitate to get the vaccine. But I also want to set an example. But I wouldn’t hesitate to get the vaccine if, in fact, Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and these two organizations, whether it is Moderna or Pfizer who have been extremely responsible, conclude that it is safe and able to be done.”

No doubt Joe sees the opportunity to get credit for a process that he had no part in. And there’s no doubt that the media will try to steal the credit from President Trump, who’s “Warp Speed” project supported much of the vaccine development.

President Trump hasn’t forgotten though:

Biden’s about-face is a notable departure from his earlier rhetoric on the vaccine issue.


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  2. I suggest we give the vaccine 1st to every demorat in the house, senate and every state, county locality currently under demorat control this includes every demorat judge. If they survive without complications then administer it to 1/3 of the gop politicians and judges, if after 30 days they make it, give it to the balance of the gop politicians and judges. if after 30 days, they are ok, then and only then give it to our nurses, doctors, emt/ems, fire, police etc. As for our militray only give it to 1/4th of the troops at a time…As for population give it to the workers 1st and then the seniors, lastly will be kids.

  3. Biden is a puppet of the DNC they knew he was clueless & could be easily manipulated- welcome to China Joe
    He will destroy this country – nice RIGGED FRAUD election – DEMS now show many Americans OUR VOTES Don’t COUNT –
    Welcome Joe –

  4. Democrats have lost it, as far as President Trump is concerned.
    VP Biden does not understand that the distribution plan has been in the pipeline fr months.
    Since when have other agencies signed off on the vaccine.
    VP Biden wants to take credit for the vaccine. There is no way that VP Biden’s administration could have achieved the efficacy , planning and the distribution of the vaccine in 9 months.
    Thank God that we had this pandemic under President Trump.

  5. There can be no doubt that had it not been for President Trump’s quick and decisive actions (to protect American lives!) there never
    would have been a vaccine for the China Virus! And anyone else claiming credit for the vaccines is demonstrating their stupidity.

  6. The Demonrats care about 2 things power and enriching themselves at our expense.
    They have NEVER cared about this country which is why Trump is so beloved by patriots

    1. I agree with you except for being beloved by the patriots. If this was true then my beloved President would not be fighting for his seat.

      1. Lenny, don’t you understand????? George Soros has more money than anyone, and Zuckenburg, and all the other owners of the corrupt people that BUY people they need and want to help get their agenda…………ie., Soros bought out John Boehner, and then Paul Ryan, all to turn on Trump…for millions and millions of dollars………………that is exactly how the do it…………..TRUE PSTRIOTs cannot and will not be bought by he Marxists in this country…….. and old man Joe Biden, who broadcast how ” his Campaign had devised the biggest Voter Fraud in American History” Where have you been? Didn’t you see him saying all of this? It is going to take him down in the end.

  7. blank all democrats all they say is what u hope to hear and at the same time holding a knife behind their back to stab u, hell obamer handed out vasaline , cause he told you out right he was going to blank you

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