Joe Biden mental collapse exposed by Austrailian media, while US media maintains blackout

The sycophants in the American media won’t say it – but Australian media will.

Sky News host Cory Bernardi said what no one else would: “Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised.”

“It’s clear to me at the least that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.”

Mr Bernardi said it is something which was “evident” during the election campaign, but the “partisan and poisonous” mainstream media chose not to highlight anything which could have “derailed a Biden victory.”

“Even now, after he has been sworn in, many of them are still refusing to speak the truth about Biden’s lack of capacity.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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    1. I agree with you! He is definitely not fit to be President & also Harris& Pelosi are not fit to run our country either! God help us🙏🏻

        1. I agree he is not even close mentally to run America or anything really but the fact that his WIFE and anyone who loves him would allow him to think he can. No matter WHAT the position was in my family we love and care about each of way to much to let another one embarras themselves and especially putting 330 MILLION + Americans and the entire world really at risk. America is or was the standard all others tried to match, even the communist ones. SAD, JUST SAD. LORD PLEASE SAVE OUR COUNTRY SO THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW!

      1. America need to pray to the Lord above to take care of Biden and then lead America back from the edge of the casem that will swallow us up. The Lord has this, we just need to ask him to save America now.

    2. Whomever beliefs this basement hiding person won the election and not only win but get 20million more votes then Obama and Hillary need to go join Mr. BIDEN IN BASEMENT

    3. what I cannot still comprehend is why we accept that he won the election….I will never believe that he did and how dangerous our complacency might be. We may have seen the end of free honest elections. They just became manipulated and foreign interested accepted. I wish there were the courage of
      The Founding Fathers anywhere…and the saddest part of this is we have lost our beloved spokesman… our Rush Limbaugh…but this is my belief we are close to the acquisition of truth ….I believe that OUR LORD loved this country and HE loved our founders….so from now on let’s look for the wisdom from “our gadfly” RUSH

    4. We all new he is off the wall. I hope he gets what coming to him. He’s taking jobs away from the American people. He’s messed up. Theirs a lot of people so pissed off at him. He needs to go and Harris to

  1. In all my years of voting, not one time have I ever voted for a person with dementia or alzheimer’s and I certainly did not vote for Joe Biden because of that! If you were a voter and couldn’t see that, you’re stupid or blind or probably a Democrat that is stupid and blind!!!!

    1. You are 100% correct, David !!!
      Not only that he has dementia (and it’s obvious)but the main question is what did he do for the American people during his 47 yrs in government, different positions ????
      Absolutely Nothing for us ! He wasn’t even able to have a decent speech written on different occasions, he had to plagiarize others ( there are tapes)
      Indeed he was very busy using his position and influence to enrich himself and his family …

      That was basically his only “ accomplishment “, getting rich on our back !!!
      Shameless corrupt, communist,crook, thug, liar !!

      1. I agree 💯 percent with you. I noticed that he was suffering dementia months before the election. I am not a doctor. But it was so obvious by just listening to what he said. People were so desperate and they hated Trump so much they voted for Biden no matter how bad he is mentally.

    2. Amen! I agree with you. I’m Republican so didn’t vote for Biden but I watched his odd behavior and was alarmed because I knew he had dementia or Alzheimer’s. Please God, save our country. The Democrats aren’t fit to run this country!

  2. So, Australia, the country “down under,” spoke the truth. Would that the news would travel northward, like to the AMERICAN MSM. The entire world has to see this, however, and certainly few other countries might venture this piece of information (certainly not his good buddies, the Chinese?!?)

      1. The media also sees it but they won’t cover it because they are also a bunch of corrupt commies just like the “sniffer “ is and they must do their job to destroy America and
        “ reimagine it” into a communist country!!!

          1. And what is the excuse those voters had!!
            Just pure hatred because they did not like the Trump personality!

  3. Why did these Moran vote for joe when they new is was so mess up he can not walk and talk at the same time he needs to go bring back trump

  4. Despite what the media says despite what the court say this election was stolen. It is a travesty that the United States is now a banana republic being run by a demented president

  5. He has to be one of the dumbest and sorriest president this country has ever had! He is caving to china ,putting illegals ahead of american citizens. and caving in to iran!

  6. Conspiracy to over take the government. Blind hard of hearing Americans voted for him. They allowed the hate for Trump to blind their seeing his good policy for the country. Now we are on a road to destruction.

  7. It was all planned to put Harris in position to be president since she couldn’t get there any at her way and now the Democrats will just continue to turn us over to China and their way of life but they have forgotten one little thing deep done we are Americans and will turn back to our roots and again fight to keep our freedoms so don’t continue to push us we will only STAND for so much we do not kneel and cower

  8. They rigged the election ..if the republicans had united and helped our president trump we would not be in this awful position

  9. Joe Biden needs to be impeached A.S.A.P. along with Harris too. They both are always lying to the American people about everything.

  10. the election was stolen and everyone knows it.until now he could’nt get elected dog catcher. when they remove him harris and pelosi will take over then the s–t will hit the fan.God help us all!

  11. His dementia was obvious during his campaign. Forgetting his lines and using cue cards so many times. The hiding in his basement was a ploy to prevent him from revealing the problem. The media and Democrat party didn’t care because they were planning on Harris taking over at the earliest.

  12. That is why I don’t understand the voting results. No one in there right mind would vote for a President who has dementia. We knew this long before the election.

  13. Bernardi is an Aussie loser.

    “The renegade South Australian senator who sensationally quit the Liberal party in 2017 to form a Trump-inspired breakaway conservative movement told supporters on Thursday that he believed it was the “wisest” course of action after the party’s poor showing at the May election.

    “Our candidates, members and volunteers all did their best but as a party we received a tiny fraction of the votes we needed to be successful,” he said in a note to supporters.

    “The inescapable conclusion from our lack of political success, our financial position and the re-election of a Morrison-led government is that the rationale for the creation of the Australian Conservatives is no longer valid.”

  14. Shame on DR. Jill for allowing this to happen to her husband. Position and power are obviously MORE important to her than the welfare of her husband. It is SO OBVIOUS that he is NOT ALL THERE and she, more than anyone else, has to know this. SHAME ON HER for being complicit and putting our country through HELL with quid-pro, demented joe!

  15. Biden is not my President. President Trump was is and will be for me. Our system is corrupt and everyone knows President Trump really won the election. There is a place in hell for the corrupt ones in charge. Sad.

  16. What is sad is that other countries even know what a scam white house we have. Good ole lost as hell joe. Sad sad sad. I expect us to be invaded at any moment. Biden will give the rest away.. stolen all day long

  17. Stolen or Lost, the election was forfeited by the disunity within the senatorial ranks, some who supported Democrats, some who harbored personal, financial or political gains, some who disliked Trump for upsetting the flow (rocking the boat) and the too few loyal patriots who did try. A united and determined voice of objections from our senators which would have made a difference in the reviews and reversal of compromised election results would have made a difference but because of personal bias, ambitions and jealous regard of silence the call to objection was never answered and the election was lost. In turn the argument was cast upon private citizens and though they tried valiantly, without the voice of the leading Senators like McConnell, Pence and Cheney, elder senators like Murkowski, Collins found their voice, bravado and loyalty with the opposing party taking ten other junior senators along with them losing any kind of momentum. These self serving are the dark members of the ‘Team’, the infection, the cancer that rots a teams solidarity. As long as they exist within, the loyal patriot ‘coaches’ will never be able to create a team to be reckoned with. The RNC must renounce, chastise and counsel these members either into full compliance with the team and voters program, intent and voice or feel free to seek their fortunes with the opposing party. The party Senators should reflect their constituents voice and choice, not the other way around.

  18. China Joe porch light has been burnt out for years he’s definitely a senile drooling idiot just look at all the executive orders he signed not a single one of them protect the United States of America he is done more damage than any president since the beginning of the country if they do not get him and Harris and pelosi the hell out the damage that they’re doing will not be able to be fixed anybody who stands for the Democrats everyone that voted for him is a backstabbing traitor the founding fathers wrote the Constitution for a reason now the Democrats are putting it through the shredder it’s past approaching for there to be only one way out and that does mean the civil war the Democrats are not your friend they are definitely your enemy do not ever help a Democrat

    1. The 25th Amendment to our Constitution states that if the Speaker of the House sees that the President cannot fulfill his Duties then the Speaker can rule and the VP then takes over as the President.

      But the President can select whoever they want to be their VP.
      So even tho Nancy Pelosi holds Power, it doesn’t mean that she would become VP.
      Regardless it’s a long way to 2024.

  19. Who voted for the idiot??? Oh, the same idiots that voted for the corrupt politician from Chicago or wherever he’s originally from…

  20. We who pay attention, knew his cognition was compromised. Unfortunately, the media and fellow democrats, shielded him. He is incapable of doing the job he has sworn to do and should be removed.

    1. Jackie, if Biden is removed, who do you think will take his place? Kamala Harris!!! That will be removing bad & replacing it with worse!!

  21. If all the sheep that watch and read these lying media outlets would stop utilizing them for their news their sponsors would drop them and they’d either change their ways or fold up, personally I’d like them to fold up and all their employees hit the soup line. But all the sheep will obediently follow them to slaughter.

  22. This is exactly what the Democrats were counting on .There is no way that Kamala Harris could be elected as the prime candidate . But they knew if they hid the true nature of Bidens illness , then she could replace him after they are in office . This was the whole reason that Pelosi was talking about the 25th amendment several months ago . Not to replace Trump but to replace Biden once he was elected .This should be considered treason on the part of the Democrats because they conspired to do this from the very beginning !

  23. I am not supportive of many Australian government policies, but at least they have a press more honest than the US press. The US media stuck us with a dog, and Kamala is his fleas.

  24. This was the plan all along by the corrupt Democrats!! They have the election fraud that they did and was proven! But the fake media covered it up and announced Biden as president elect even before election was over. Karma not able to take president because she’s not American citizen. She is the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants! She’s an anchor baby!!

  25. All above posts are so true! Piglosi and Obama are the skunks in the wood pile! Obama is now running this sh** show called the “ Biden presidency”! This was the plan all along, out groper joe in, then remove him, then the ho takes over, but not for long, Susan Rice will get her out, then like the “ good little puppet” she will bring Obama in “ to save the country, because as Obama predicted, Joe f- Ed it up”. But in truth, Biden is doing what Obama tells him to do!

  26. Agreed, he is pathetic but Jill gets to be FLOTUS so she doesn’t care that he is being used and made a fool of by all including himself!

  27. I watch and listen to Joe Biden and think about my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. I can see in him all the stages she went through and he is showing. It’s very sad that his family would let him be used as a pawn like this for the Democratic Party an their agenda, “Power”… But Mr Biden isn’t hurting his family, He is hurting our Country and it’s American Citizens. The Republicans need to get a spine an grow some balls to get this mess taken care of. Seems to me like Pres. Trump was the person that could do that even with all the crap Dems threw at him . God help us if we have 4 years of Biden, Pelosi an Schumer.

  28. China Joe Biden has never been sharp but he is totally gone and it seams to be contagious the hoe Kamala Harris has it to the witch is screwed up like all those balls been bounced of her head done made the witch crazy

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