Joe Biden Is A Racist Pure And Simple [Video]

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Jimboy (@guest_170522)
5 months ago

Joe has been a racist from the day he was born.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_170453)
5 months ago

King biden is the death of us all. China, north korea, russia all waiting to try their luck with the most clueless king in history. Learn to speak our new language chinese or russian.

James Blunt (@guest_169676)
5 months ago

Whatever he is he should not be leading our country! He seems to lie every time he opens his mouth. With a country like China looking over us, we need smart people and they need a progressive plan and one that includes all of the people as that seems to be our future. That is not what Biden wants. He just wants power any way he can get it.

Robert Bates (@guest_169043)
5 months ago

Not surprised that Biden is two faced

D Bent (@guest_179071)
Reply to  Robert Bates
5 months ago

Its irritating that so many important tweets – like these – get so little notice. I’ve been watching the number of reponses on the tweets. No wonder the general public doesn’t know whats going on. People are under the total iIIusion created about Sleepy and the Ho; who will L l E about anything to get their way.

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