Joe Biden goes on bizarre rant about naked pictures in latest terrifying mental slip

President Joe Biden shocked the nation as he appeared to have another mental slip and began to bizarrely rant about “revealing” pictures of “naked” friends. The bizarre rant prompted many to speculate that the President was somehow fixating on the scandalous photos of his son, Hunter Biden. 

During a press conference on Wednesday, President Biden said, “I bet everybody knows somebody…that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then blackmails.”

The actual reason behind the President’s disturbing train of thought was the passage of the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act of 2022.

One of the provisions in that bill is a clause “establishing a federal civil cause of action for individuals whose intimate visual images are disclosed without their consent.”

While that may be a reasonable explanation as to why the President felt the need to discuss revealing images of naked friends, the President’s choppy and demented delivery kicked off another round of speculation about his mental state.

Hunter Biden immediately came to mind listening to the President stumble through his comments to the press.

Pictures of Hunter Biden passed out in a bathtub and wearing very little have been circulating around the internet for some time. Those pictures were discovered on the infamous “laptop from hell” that was recently confirmed to be legitimate.

Hunter Biden’s laptop nearly took down President Biden’s campaign, and it is clear that Joe Biden is still thinking about the computer and the pictures that were discovered on it.