Joe Biden gets bad news – Americans are revolting against gun restrictions

Whether they like it or not, anti-gun politicians are going to realize that Americans love their guns, and the Constitution protects their right to own them.

Joe Biden may have run on a gun control platform, but recent news indicates that guns are more popular than ever. In fact, Biden’s presidency may be the biggest advertisement for the gun industry.

He can’t be happy with this:

Think about that for a minute. In the month of January alone, Biden has managed to double the number of guns sold in America. The NRA should give him an award or something.

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  1. I agree. You will not stop Guns Murders by taking away guns form law abiding Citizens. The criminals will just use a Knife or Bow an arrow, Poison or whatever comes into play. Biden, go after the criminals who bring in illegal guns and the one who Kill. Right now Biden just put pur country at risk by stopping construction of the wall. Any one or any thing can cross the borders. Drugs, Drug Dealers, Murders, and so on. It my right to own a firearm. Don’t even think of taking it away

  2. I do not own a gun But family members do. I’m all about my constitutional rights and those of all American Citizens. The Gov needs to enforce laws already in the Constitution and stop trying to rip up the one we have and make a One Size to fit Democratic Agenda. Everyone doesn’t have $$ for private body guards or security. Democrats And Republicans need to Do Their jobs an take care of the citizens of this wonderful country

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