Joe Biden faces record low approval ratings as frustration grows among voters

President Joe Biden is facing abysmal approval ratings in a recent poll that indicated the American people find the White House team to be not only incompetent but also dishonest and not led well.

According to a report in The Washington Examiner, the president’s approval rating has recently fallen to its lowest point to date, and thanks to his recent disappointing moves on international policy and his spending plan, the public doesn’t seem to be in a forgiving mood. 

The Examiner reported that Biden ” struggles to recover from the bungled Afghan withdrawal and an interparty feud over his spending and tax agenda, his approval has sunk to just 38% in the latest Quinnipiac University Poll. A majority, 53%, disapprove.”

The survey is a similar one to Gallup who recently polled the president’s approval rating at a sad 43 percent following the Afghanistan debacle. 

The publication went on to say that while the nation has become more divided as ever along party lines, the coveted “purple” people in the middle of the political spectrum seem to be leaning away from Biden. 

Quinnipiac’s poll showed that of Independent voters nearly 2-1, independents disapprove of Biden, 60%-32%, but even more distressing is the more than fifty percent of the nation that thinks Biden is not honest. 

Another loss for the president is the 56 percent that think he doesn’t have “good leadership” and 55 percent that disapprove of how he’s handling the economy. Overall, 58 percent disapprove of how he’s handling his job as commander in chief and a whopping 67 percent think he has the wrong stance on immigration and the border. 

“Battered on trust, doubted on leadership, and challenged on overall competency, President Biden is being hammered on all sides as his approval rating continues its downward slide to a number not seen since the tough scrutiny of the Trump administration,” said Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy.

Biden was always facing a touch reelection in 2024, but as the tally stands now the picture for the Bidens isn’t pretty considering he’s polling in the negatives and there isn’t a face on the other side to pit him against.