Joe Biden counts votes in Trump impeachment trial – and his math won’t make Dems happy

It looks like Joe Biden’s team in the White House has done the math in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial – and the results won’t please Democrats.

Fox reports:

President Joe Biden on Monday dealt Senate Democrats a blow when he said in an interview that it seems they will be unable to convict former President Trump — once again — during an impeachment trial.

Biden told CNN that he does not believe that Senate Democrats will get 17 Republicans to vote to convict the former president. He said that his opinion might have been different if Trump remained in office for a few more months.

I have a hunch that Biden is souring on the idea of impeachment because he knows that the American people don’t approve of the move, and it takes attention away from his efforts to publicize his first 100 days.

Also, he’s afraid of stuff like this:

Even CNN seems to realize that impeachment is bad for Biden: